Dr. José Luis Sevillano: 'Something is radiating already with qualities that aren't non-ionizing but ionizing'

August 10, 2021

During the La Quinta Columna's 103rd program, Dr. José Luis Sevillano commented on some of his research findings related to the electromagnetic waves to which we are being exposed daily.

Concerns regarding 5G antennas are limited to thinking of a non-ionizing radiation that produces the same clinical picture as that of COVID-19

However, accurate analog meters such as Gauger counters are registering numbers corresponding to ionizing radiation, even if there are no antennas nearby. 

What is going on? Dr. Sevillano's hypotheses in this regard reveal that there are more than just the electromagnetic waves sent by 4G, 4G Plus, and 5G antennas that are aggressively radiating people, and graphene oxide may or not be related as well. Everything is being studied.

Orwell City has selected and translated the key fragment of the program where Dr. Sevillano shares his conclusions with Ricardo Delgado, biostatistician and director of La Quinta Columna.

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Dr. Sevillano: There are also messages from people who don't find antennas and notice that the machines mark numbers. The measuring devices. They don't see antennas, and yet they notice that the numbers are going up. They notice that they're radiating from somewhere. At some point, they wonder if it's from the Starlink network. But what if they are irradiating, perhaps, with qualities that aren't suitable but can be measured with devices? 

Someone recorded a video for me. We will show it another day, Ricardo. He was using a Geiger counter, one of those devices that measure radioactivity. Yes. And that's an analog counter. It's not digital. What it measures can't be manipulated. The manufacturer can't hack it so that it registers something else. 

Geiger counter (radiation detector that use a Geiger-Müller tube to detect radiation)

So this man, with a 60 or 70 years old device (because it's from WWII) has already been measuring the radiation around him from his environment. And there's radiation there. There's radiation here. Something is radiating already with qualities that aren't non-ionizing but ionizing. Ionizing. And my friend, that's not detectable by ordinary devices. They can't.

That's correct. I'm thinking, José Luis, that if graphene can multiply the frequency, it is already getting into the ionization scale.

Dr. Sevillano: They could, perfectly well, send signals that aren't too energetic and that would go unnoticed, and yet it multiplies them. The graphene that may be in the environment or in your body generates ionizing radiation inside you or outside you, in the atmosphere, or wherever it is. Then, we must not forget this.

Ricardo Delgado: We need to remember that microwaves were multiplied, I think it was almost by 10,000, and they could get waves above ultraviolet. The closest thing to X-rays. Precisely to do this type of...

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. And that device detects that type of signal. The small device that this man had can. So we may be receiving ionizing radiation via graphene multiplier in the environment or in your body. Or we don't know. But we may be not only receiving signals from the antennas, which are already harmful per se. But that we're being irradiated not only through those ways.

Ricardo Delgado: From the point of view of the...

Dr. Sevillano: So, the issue is open to further research. We'll see if this man can make more videos. But it's an interesting point to keep in mind because many people think there are no antennas. But it happens that the signals come from many places. We don't know anymore if they're coming from the Starlink network or if it's just that the regular devices aren't registering what's actually being emitted. All this is... 

Ricardo Delgado: The device...

Dr. Sevillano: We have a lot of open issues right now: food, graphene, vaccines. We may have the issue of ionizing radiation open via graphene multiplier. Everywhere you look, you say, 'But is anything working as it should?'

You feel threatened from all sides. And it's no longer a question of being paranoid. It's that it turns out it's all true. It's that you have evidence that this is being done. They're magnetizing your rabbit. They're magnetizing your arms, and so on. 

You go with a classic meter, and there is ionizing radiation in everything. But of course, if you ask the president of Cantabria what's going on with this... What would he know! He doesn't even know what's going on in his house. Do you think he's going to know what's going on in the world? 

This is... I mean, we're obliged to send alert messages without rest. An unspecific alert. I mean, everybody: stay alert and pay attention because we're being attacked from all sides

And be open to all kinds of hypotheses, even if they are absurd because they're attacking us from all sides. From all sides. And we don't know how to stop them (apart from sharing information so people could stop collaborating with this). 

I mean, we can't do anything else. Right now, we can't do anything else. Share the information so that people wake up and stop collaborating when they see the magnitude of the operation. Until they stop collaborating with it.

Ricardo Delgado: Remember, José Luis, that the devices, the BR-9A, measure up to five to 5 GHz, and the 5G can reach up to 300 GHz. 

BR-9A (Electromagnetic radiation detector)

But, in addition, this multiplying wave is already approaching the THz field, which is very close to ionization. Ionizing radiation. So, it's likely that in the device we're detecting that, of course, it goes up a little bit. I think what it measures the most is the volts per meter or the magnetic field strength. It would be measuring more than the radiofrequency emission coming from above, the micro...

Dr. Sevillano: Surely. Probably, what the device is measuring is the potential difference per meter. That's the energy. Maybe that's what you are receiving, rather than the type of frequency that is arriving. But I think that not even the devices are going to be able to detect them. 

Probably, when you approach the high-frequency ranges, the devices are useless. I think they fail. And if you feel sick... Of course, if you feel sick, get out of where you are and go somewhere else. If possible, verify if your house is being irradiated or if there's something else where you are. 'I'm getting out of here. I feel bad.' If you leave and you feel better, it means you were being irradiated. 

In fact —I don't recall where— I read yesterday or this morning, about a guy who was being portrayed as 'another denialist coming to the ER.' In the end, the guy was lamenting that he hadn't been vaccinated. I mean, there was the Hitlerian propaganda of these people who do nothing but propagandize on the networks, implying that the denialist regretted it and all. But do you know what happened to this guy who repented? His body was burning as if he had sunbathed. That's the coronavirus that he had caught. And he had a fever, etc. 

Followers of La Quinta Columna, what's this man's diagnosis? '

My whole body burns as I've been in the sun, and I have a fever, and I feel lousy. I can't eat.' 

He is irradiated. Irradiated. 

And he was complaining that he hadn't been vaccinated. 

Look, bastard. If you get vaccinated, you'd better not tell. You'd better not tell.

Ricardo Delgado: Well, the measuring device we've seen for sale, which is the most expensive one, goes up to 8 GHz. It doesn't reach any higher. So, God knows what they may be radiating right now!

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