La Quinta Columna on the Tunable Electrical Conductivity of Graphene

July 27, 2021

As the duo of researchers from La Quinta Columna usually does in all their programs, they once again read and discussed papers on graphene. 

They're still looking for a study on how graphene behaves when exposed to EMF fields in vivo, the only one they need to confirm all their lucubrations about the role of this nanomaterial in neuro-control. However, every study they find in their search is worthwhile, and today's was no exception.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano shared some very interesting conclusions regarding the paper entitled: 'Porous Graphene Micro flowers for High-Performance Microwave Absorption', which describes, among other things, the tunable electrical conductive property of graphene.

Below is the excerpt selected by Orwell City.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: One more article discussing abosorption is this one on Porous graphene microflowers for microwave absorption.

It says: Porous Graphene Microflowers for High-Performance Microwave Absorption. Microwave means mobile telephony here, just so you guys understand.

"Graphene has shown great potential in microwave absorption (MA) owing to its high surface area, low density, tunable electrical conductivity and good chemical stability. To fully realize grapheneʼs MA ability, the microstructure of graphene should be carefully addressed. Here we prepared graphene microflowers (Gmfs) with highly porous structure for high-performance MA filler material. The efficient absorption bandwidth (reflection loss ≤ −10 dB) reaches 5.59 GHz —It's in the 5G bandwidth, isn't it?— and the minimum reflection loss is up to −42.9 dB, showing significant increment compared with stacked graphene."

In other words, depending on the three-dimensional structure given to the graphene, it has one absorption band or another. That's what we're seeing.

"Besides, the low filling content and low density are beneficial for the practical applications. Without compounding with magnetic materials or conductive polymers, Gmfs show outstanding MA performance with the aid of rational microstructure design.

Furthermore, Gmfs exhibit advantages in facile processibility and large-scale production compared with other porous graphene materials including aerogels and foams."

Well, and here is the study below. Here you can read it in full.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: And you've already noticed, huh? 'Tunable electrical conductivity.'

So, depending on the wave signal, it becomes more or less conductive. Therefore, you can perfectly have it in your body.

If you don't expose it to waves that you shouldn't, graphene doesn't conduct or hardly conducts at all. But whenever you want, you expose it to those waves, and it goes crazy. It starts to be more and more conductive. It means that it starts to oxidize. That's almost for sure. Automatically. It means that it starts to destroy. It means that its conductive capabilities can be tuned. It means that it can do damage or not, as you wish.

They're the ones saying so. Not us.

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