La Quinta Columna discusses a study on the properties of graphene and their link with EMF

July 17, 2021

As promised by Orwell City, this article is the second part of the previous post entitled 'La Quinta Columna explains how graphene multiplies frequencies and damages cells, and how reducing agents help to control that damage.' 

As a reminder, in its 83rd program, La Quinta Columna discussed how graphene oxide damages the body at the cellular level since it is capable of ejecting electrons when electronically excited. The pair of Spanish researchers explained how reducing agents, such as zinc, can decrease the damage done by graphene and, in addition, analyzed a paper that describes the properties of graphene concerning electro frequencies. 

This is one of the papers that bring them closer and closer to prove their hypothesis about the real purpose of the elite with mass and forced vaccination: neuromodulation through a material capable of accepting and emitting the frequencies sent by the 5G antennas.

Below you can watch the video with the analysis that the biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano made to the paper entitled 'The Vision of Nanotechnology for the Radiocommunications in the coming years. A perspective from the Academy.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: The length of carbon nanotubes makes it possible to realistically consider antennas for wireless communication at GHz and THz, both in the "macro-world" on the one hand, and in the "nanodevices" on the other. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: They are antennas that work with that frequency range.

Here's one thing for sure. It's not like you're going to give someone arsenic to drink to cause immediate death. Arsenic doesn't care about the waves that come, but this material does care about the waves. This one does. 

Ricardo Delgado: Among the most widely used nanostructures today, carbon nanotubes (they call them CNTs) in radio applications, have been increasing, as has synchronization with NNW nanonetworks (Nanonetworks), in which basic procedures such as incorporating an antenna, tuner, demodulator, and radio amplifier, are achieved with a single carbon nanotube. 

Do you realize that we are talking about graphene, radio amplification, modulation, tuning, and antennas?

This reflects the reception of the same signal, tuning, amplification, and electromechanical demodulation processes. In this way, the resonance frequency of the carbon nanotubes (magnetic resonance) should match the WC carrier (which is affected by the length of the nanotubes). 

This is related to the study made by an engineer, do you remember, José Luis? That study said that it exactly matched the third 5G bidding bandwidth at forty-something GHz. It matched exactly with the resonant frequency of these carbon nanotubes that are graphene. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Clearly, this is not an inert material that you simply put in the body and it does nothing. No. This has modulation capability from the outside. It's from the outside that you do with it what you want to do with it and at the moment...

Ricardo Delgado: Conclude your idea, José Luis. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: I meant that for the moment it goes everywhere in your body, including your head. And once it's there, that's it. Once it receives some kind of signal, well, you know what it will do. It will do damage. It's doing damage

Ricardo Delgado: That's why in Figure 7 (what's that one here) you can see a system of nano nodes whose transmission and reception is done wirelessly with one main objective and that is the detection of antigenic molecules through biosensors. In parallel, there are other types of nanosensors such as embedded nanosensors with a specific application in medical monitoring systems. They're built with piezoelectric materials that operate through ultrasonic vibrations generated by small electrical energy generating sources. Studies show optimal performance and operate properly if used as nanosensors inside the human body. 

Well, we're talking about graphene, the concept of magnetic resonance, signal amplification, modulation, and the human body.

Quantum communications at the nanoscale. Here now it says that in the FM frequency also, apparently, it has an interaction.  

Mechanical graphene oscillators with tunable frequencies. 

When I realized that the bandwidth of 5G was so wide (up to 300 GHz) I realized that they want to play with a wide range of frequencies to do various things. It's probably to do several things.  

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: What does it say there, Ricardo, what does it say at the end? Electro communication... I can't read it well because it's too small. 

Ricardo Delgado: I can't zoom in any further. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: No, but you can read it. Electromagnetic communications in THz. Let's see what it says there. It is the last paragraph. The last one. 

Ricardo Delgado: Ah, yes. Electromagnetic nano communications use electromagnetic waves as information carriers, very similar to classical communication. However, due to the extreme scarcity of resources and the quantum effects of the materials themselves, classical methods cannot be applied directly in the nanodomain. This leads us to apply novel materials and techniques. 

This is how graphene has established itself as a material that promises several applications, which has made it the focus of research and implementation in recent years. 

At the nano communications level, there have been several contributions to its development. This is the case of charged CNTs, which resonate through the excitation of an electromagnetic "wave" (and they call it "wave"). electromagnetic "wave"). And their distance through state changes based on the amplitude of the wave.

Ricardo Delgado: Well... There are some famous equations we have seen before, which are the Maxwell equations. They establish a relationship according to the nanometer size of the nanotube as a function of the frequency that is emitted and establish that famous magnetic resonance. But you have to enter into the mathematical realm, with the conceptual knowledge of all the terms. And their distance through the state changes based on the amplitude of the wave. The variation of the distance also modifies the properties of the emission of the CNT fields resulting from the same variation in the current. Thus concluding that it would be possible to use a carbon nanotube as an antenna and as a demodulator at the same time.   

This is what people need to...

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: You got it right there. That's the phrase we were looking for. we already know that the graphene nanotubes that they've put in people are for that. They can pick up a signal and send it to an antenna that modulates. That is to say: it captures and modifies the signal at the same time. 

And what have we said here? That graphene seems inert when it enters the body, but it generates thrombi, and then it does other things. And it is going to do them. You see how there is science behind our assumptions. The articles are already appearing. What happens is that it doesn't tell us what graphene does in vivo, in the human body. 

But the base science is already here that gives rise to the science in the laboratory. This is what allows you to introduce graphene into a living being and say: 'Let's see what it does in the brain', 'Let's see what it does in the heart...' This is what gives the basis for the other. 

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