Josep Pàmies on how to detoxify the body with natural infusions

August 04, 2021

The fact that vaccines contain harmful elements for the organism is something known. However, what many people don't know are the effective treatments to get rid of these elements.

Some doctors and researchers have shared their advice on how to cleanse the body of toxins that cause magnetism. 

Thanks to Andreas Kalcker, we know now that magnetism can be reduced with CDS and that it helps to eliminate other toxins as wells. 

And on the other hand, thanks to La Quinta Columna, we know that N-acetylcysteine, zinc, and other antioxidants reduce the magnetism as they degrade the agent that causes it.

Recently, Josep Pámies shared his knowledge on medicinal plants to detoxify from elements that have been added to vaccines in an interview for cop225 (Rafa Navarro), the policeman who has got the famous Pfizer vaccine vial that was analyzed by Dr. Pablo Campra.

As usual, Orwell City has prepared the video.

Link: Rumble

Rafa Navarro (cop225): Let's see, let's see. I have read several questions related to this topic... I'm going to give you the three buzzwords: graphene... Oh, two words, sorry. Graphene oxide.

But we're not going to talk about graphene oxide. We're going to talk about the intoxication of the organism caused by any agent. What is your recommendation for that detoxification?

As you rightly said, those people that, even though, may have had the information at their fingertips, have taken a dose because they felt pressed and gave in. And we still must try to make sure that, at least, they don't take the second dose. And if they've taken it, don't go take a third, a fourth, a fifth... Try to get out of that cycle. What's your recommendation for those people?

Josep Pàmies: We don't know if all the crap will come out with what we recommend, but a lot of it will. That's to say, the liver and kidney have to be in perfect condition. If they are not, you have to start taking hepatic and renal herbs.

Hepatic in the morning and renal in the evening or afternoon.

Which ones are hepatic? Dandelion, milk thistle, desmodium. Those are basic plants for the liver.

For the kidney, dandelion can be taken as well, horsetail grass, and nettle

Those are plants that will improve the functioning of the kidney and liver, which are the filters of our blood.

When there are heavy metals, which there will be, we must add, for example, Tulsi, which is a sacred plant from India. It's called Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum). Or you can use Houttuynia cordata.

Those are two potent plants that help in detoxifying poisons, heavy metals, and are also helpful for radioactivity.

Be careful, eh? We don't know what shit they have put in the vaccines.

Houttuynia cordata, for example, is the plant that was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to save a lot of people. I have met —through a Catalan friend who is in Japan sponsored by a Japanese family— a man of about 100 years old who lived in that house.

He was affected by radiation in Hiroshima. He was the only one who survived in his family because he was the only one treated with these infusions. They had few plants.

When this girl (my friend) asked to do an investigation in Japan, together with public organizations here in Spain and Japan, she found quite a long list of survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All of them had used that plant, Houttuynia cordata. When we study that plant... If you look up 'Houttuynia cordata' in the PubMed medical search engine, you'll learn that it's quite amazing for treating SARS-CoV-2 (or 1 or whatever), for detoxifying from snake venom of any kind.

Because there are many political kinds of snakes, and for those, it works too. It also works well for other kinds of poisons. It works well for bacteria. It's one of the most potent plants in the Far East and Japan, and it has adapted perfectly here.

It's a plant that, when you grow it, you'll never be able to lose because it's invasive. So it's a powerful plant to have at home because you can save yourself from many problems.

The Tulsi plant, as I said before, you'll find in every house in India. Tulsi or Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum). It's good for everything. For radioactivity, also for cancer, diabetes, anxiety, takes mercury out of the body. Tulsi is a beast at removing mercury and other minerals.

Well, those are the main plants so that we do not saturate people with information and they have too much mess in their heads. 

And another substance that we have to take to finish cleaning our bodies, is activated charcoal. 

There are protocols on how to take activated charcoal. It's totally harmless. In the immense porosity that this charcoal has inside the body, all the filth that may come from vaccines or from other food sources or... Who knows! Even meds we have taken are lodged. And the charcoal cleanses the organism.

 What's done in hospitals when there's an intoxication is to treat patients with activated charcoal. We can do it at home. They sell it. You have to become familiar with it.

Another effective treatment is zeolite. Zeolite is another mineral that also adsorbs crap that we may have in the body. And it helps us excrete it through feces or urine.

So we have zeolite, activated charcoal, and then the plants I have recently mentioned to remove the heavy metals in our bodies (Tulsi and Houttuynia cordata).

Basically, they are plants to improve the functioning of the kidney, the liver, as I have already told you before. That's the basics.

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