Dr. José Luis Sevillano talks about how he realized the relationship between 5G and COVID waves, and calls on people to save lives

July 07, 2021

One of the moments selected by Orwell City from the XXVIII Humanitarian Conference organized by COMUSAV and CONUVIVE in which La Quinta Columna was present, corresponds to very important information given by Dr. José Luis Sevillano.

The doctor was one of the few and first to realize the incidence of electromagnetic waves in the body. In this excerpt, he explains how he became aware of everything and how he formed a team with Ricardo Delgado to warn people of what was really happening and that what was behind COVID-19 was not a virus.

On the other hand, in the same conference, Dr. Sevillano refers to the official interim report made to the Pfizer vaccination vial and how people can use it in their favor in case they are being coerced in their jobs or if they are being forced to inject something wrongly called vaccine since from the moment graphene oxide is seen in the vials, obviously we are no longer talking about a vaccine, but a poison.

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Jorge Osorio: I remember that by the end of November last year you were one of the few doctors who talked about the incidence of electromagnetic waves in the human body. Go ahead, Dr José Luis Sevillano. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Well, that is how it was. In November of last year I became interested in these phenomena because in my rural practice I realized what was making people sick, how it was making them sick, since when and what I was seeing. All this led me to establish, in principle, with the biologist Bartomeu Payeras, a theory called the "environmental theory of COVID-19", which created many problems for me with my colleagues at the College of Physicians. 

In the end I agreed not to talk about it so as not to create more confusion among people. But of course, time went by and I kept in touch with Ricardo, the theory was gaining strength. I was in the shadows, and he tried to spread the information as he could in his channel. 

And then the phenomenon of magnetic arms appeared when people started to be vaccinated. We had doubts at first. Ricardo at first insisted on the biological-genetic issue and the damages that this could generate, and when we were discussing, I said: 'I do not pronounce myself on the vaccine issue because as we still do not know what its effects are, I prefer to wait and see what it does. We will see what it does.' And so it was. 

People started to form thrombi.... And then María José Torres appeared, our colleague who discovered that there was a magnetic effect at the inoculation point. And from there we began to investigate as I have done here: privately in my patients, to search in the field, to see if the phenomenon really existed or not and in whom it was expressing. And that is why we made a call on social media saying: 'If it is true, send us videos with your testimony and denounce it in the Health Centers and in the vaccination centers if it is true that their arms are being magnetized so that we can verify it because this phenomenon has been denied'. And it is still being denied that it exists. That's where it all started. So that's where the investigation started. And as Ricardo has well detailed, that's where we are. 

I wanted to tell you that in general, the way I see this whole crisis, this problem, is from a therapeutic point of view. Above all, we are looking for ways of combating what we are experiencing: whether it is chlorine dioxide, whether it is ivermectin, etc. I do not want to see, and this is also for Colonel Tamayo, my vision is more strategic: I do not want to see the enemy already on my land, I want to stop him on the beaches, as Romero used to say. I do not want to treat the disease: I do not want it to appear. And that is why, as I wanted it not to appear, in November I said: 'The antennas have to do with all this, we have to control it'. I was not listened to, I was not listened to and there continued to be waves

And now that we know that the vaccine leaves magnetic traces, I don't want to know what I have to give people so that the vaccine doesn't harm them. What I don't want people to be vaccinated with this. That is why my vision is to prevent the problem, and prevention implies discovering what is happening, sharing with the greatest number of people what is happening so that they do not allow themselves to be vaccinated. If you notice, to know if this vaccine campaign works, you need to ask yourself two questions: 

1. Is this vaccine effective?

2. Is this vaccine safe? 

Well, they sell us the vaccine by saying that it generates herd immunity. That is false. Because at the same time that they vaccinate you they put a mask on you. That is, if they put a mask on you, it is because you can infect and get infected, so there will never be herd immunity with this vaccine. Not with this one. 

And then they say: 'It is effective in preventing severe forms of the disease'. That false as well. Because they are already telling us in the UK in the studies they are sending us, that the Delta variant is going to cause 3 times more deaths in vaccinated than unvaccinated people. 

The two pillars on which they base their vaccination campaign are false, and people should know that, nobody gets vaccinated without knowing what they are being vaccinated for. So, if this is not going to immunize me and moreover it is going to cause me more problems, how does it help me? Evidently, it is not necessary to get vaccinated. That is more or less the strategy. 

That is in addition to the problems generated by the vaccine, eh? It is not useful for what they are saying and it is not safe because you can see that it generates thrombi. We do not even know how many people are being affected because the information is being hidden. Only those colleagues who can speak or dare to speak say so. And there are a lot of cases of thrombi that are not being declared and are kept quiet and there is no facility to expose this. 

The number of people who are being negatively affected by the vaccine is much higher than it seems, and besides, magnetic arms are appearing and the authorities do not want to give explanations. If the vaccine is not effective for what they say and if it is not safe, because it has some things that are scandalously worrying, obviously what we have to do is to stop the vaccination campaign immediately. And that is why La Quinta Columa's job is to explain to you exactly why this has to be stopped. Not only because of what I just explained here, which is crystal clear, but also because we know the vaccine contains very strange things. 

Link: Rumble

On how can people make use of the official interim report of the vaccination vial analysis they shared last week:

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Well, right now what we can all do is to share this information. 

Sharing it means that people have knowledge of it and that they make use of it, because if they consider it necessary, they can make use of it. If you are forced to be vaccinated at work, then you plant the preliminary or definitive study there and say: 'Hey, you want me to to be injected with this?' 

See? Not only that you know what's in the vaccine, but also that you apply this information to defend yourselves in the times that are coming. And if you can go further by forming small collectives and filing lawsuits, so much the better. 

The point is not to wait for a positive response from the authorities. No. The point is that people know about it at all levels, and the more you move around denouncing, forming associations, at work, but of course, with your report, so much the better. 

That is to say, for the moment, let as many people as possible know about this information because we are and you are saving lives. Do not forget it. And with God's help, maybe we will save humanity through what we are doing. So the challenge is very important, it is no joke and it affects each one of you personally.

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