La Quinta Columna keeps on sharing more magnetic foods evidence

August 06, 2021

More videos with evidence that food is magnetic have been shared on the channel that La Quinta Columna opened a few days ago for its followers to share their findings.

It never ceases to amaze that almost everything we ingest is magnetic. Even food that is considered organic. The reason for this, among many others, may be chemtrails. They affect not only transgenic food crops but also organic ones.

Whether it is graphene oxide or not that causes magnetism in food, it is undeniable that the whole of humanity deserves an explanation about this.

In the following video that Orwell City has prepared, magnetism is evidenced in sausages.

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Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's see now, José Luis... Well, a video to make the program a little bit more enjoyable. This woman does the test with sausages. The magnetic test. And it caught my attention.

Woman from the video: It's August 4, 2021. I'm doing the magnetism test with this sausage. The magnets stick to it too. Well, nothing, so you can see. See you. Greetings. Bye!

Ricardo Delgado: I... The truth is that I don't understand this here. Either we are or they're going to drive us crazy... Or they're going to drive us crazy. Because they're going to want to make this look black and white. But this... Anyone who sees this... Because I...

I took linden and chamomile last night, and I also discovered, well... A barbarity. Besides, I have to record it on video so that you can see it well. I say this because I find it unbelievable, to tell you the truth.

But then I took some rabbit, which also comes from a supermarket, —Maria bought rabbit—. And I decided to put a magnet on it. And it sticks just the same. And you can even shake it with that neodymium one I have. The magnet sticks. And then we opened the package to rule out that it was the plastic, and it turns out that it also stuck directly to the meat. So, with what amount of metals —because I doubt the meat has that amount of metals— of that wonderful graphene that was going to change us all. Of course, it was not going to change us all! They have put it everywhere! Even food and on us...

Dr. Sevillano: I suspect that...

Ricardo Delgado: For a magnet to stick to the flesh with such characteristics, with such strength... There must be a lot of metallic material or graphene, is very magnetic. We've seen that, right? This is it. I don't know if I think it's too surreal. Many times, you wonder if we're sleeping and in a nightmare. It's a total nightmare. Because this has no name.

Dr. Sevillano: A nightmare in which it would be very interesting to find out what is behind it. But all this is very dangerous. This is very dangerous. Look at how many people are getting sick and dying. 

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