Preventive treatment with antioxidants for graphene oxide detoxification

July 20, 2021

Since Orwell City has received many e-mails asking for more analysis done by La Quinta Columna in its programs regarding antioxidants that degrade graphene oxide or neutralize the damage it produces, an excerpt from program #82 has been chosen. In it, Dr. José Luis Sevillano proposes a preventive treatment for Panamanian colleagues who at a conference were very interested in treating patients with zinc, glutathione, and N-acetylcysteine.

This information may be of special relevance to the health professionals who visit this site, as the message in it is especially directed to them. 
A physician should always be consulted before proceeding with any treatment.

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Ricardo Delgado: Today, one of the doctors who were at the Conference in Panama contacted me. He asked me which are the antioxidants I talked about since he wanted to take note of them. 

And he said, 'Since they're a series of supplements that don't normally have medical contraindications, I'd like to try them in my patients to see how they work. I'm going to do a clinical trial on 10 or 12 patients'. It's okay for him to do that because it's the right thing to do. He's one of those doctors who like to think and test solutions. Well, we're not experimenting here. Because if you give vitamin D to a patient, we're talking about a simple supplement, so...

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: What he could do is... Since he's going to do it, I have an idea in mind. Since he wants to do it with his patients, my idea would be, for example, for the cases of the more or less moderate disease. 

Severe cases should be treated in a hospital. But if there's a severe case that he thinks he can take care of, then he could try with a loading protocol. In those, you mix everything. Everything. And something from the mix will act in some way. 

But in the case of prevention... In prevention, as you don't know for how long you'll be treating the patient —if it's for a long time you can cause intoxication even if you use acceptable doses—, you could do it by rotating different molecules to avoid intoxicating the organism. For example, 15 days with zinc...

Ricardo Delgado: And then with glutathione, then with NAC, for example.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Yes. Good example. Rotating them. That is 15 days glutathione; 15 days zinc; 15 days vitamin D; 15 days glutathione again. You come back again. And for how long? Well, for as long as this goes on. Until these people stop killing us. Just like that. In other words, do it cyclically so that your body always has an antioxidant at a good level, and don't overload your body with a molecule that can end up accumulating and doing damage because your body doesn't need it in excess

Do you understand? In other words, since several molecules can help, you have to rotate them to therapeutic doses. There is no need for mega doses or anything else when the person's base situation is good. As you take it at a preventive level, you only have to rotate them. For example, every 15 days or every week. If it depended on me, I'd do it every 15 days, because one week is not enough, it's not very efficient. So 15 days of this, 15 days of that, 15 days of the other, and for as long as this situation lasts.

Ricardo Delgado: When you talk about 15 days and more than 15 days, I think we don't have that much time.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: I know that. That's why I say that I'd do it in case this situation lasted a long time. And then, well, if we have little time, what we're going to have to do is to apply the so-called 'attack protocols'. That is to say, when people start getting sick, bang! You have to administer the 3 or 4 molecules you have at significant doses for the duration of the disease. A high dosage according to what the package insert says. You have to see what the maximum dosage is and not exceed it to avoid generating intoxication scenarios. 

But of course, all this is under the conditions of what we do on our own. Here we do things that we shouldn't do because it'd have to be those who make people sick who do all these things. But of course, if they're the ones who are creating the problem, how're they going to do the protocol to cure people? They're not going to do it for obvious reasons.

Ricardo Delgado: One of the clinical trials we read talked about a prevention protocol that could be done by administrating different milligrams of N-acetylcysteine for a week. But when the person got critical, they'd administer up to 2,000 milligrams.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Of course. Right. A 'mega dose'. Those doctors knew it was a life or death situation. What else was going to happen to their patients? If they did nothing, they were going to die. So they had no choice but to double the dose. Or more than double. Multiply the dose by 3 and see what happens. Because, a priori, laboratories do not market drugs with, let's say, dangerous doses (in maximum doses). They leave a margin because they know that people make mistakes or that children can ingest them accidentally. 

That is to say, when you accidentally take more doses than you should, they know that it can happen beforehand. And there is a margin to prevent you from getting intoxicated because you have doubled the dose once, etc. Except for anticoagulants, which are extremely dangerous, and some other drugs as well. But in general, drugs that are commonly used can be acquired without a prescription, such as N-acetylcysteine. They're drugs that have a small margin. That's why those doctors multiplied the doses by a factor of 3. They knew they weren't going to kill the patient by multiplying the dosage by 3. 

But we cannot do that and even less to people without knowing them previously or anything. But well, we're talking for those colleagues who are today in Panama trying to carry out their clinical trials. To take a strategy of rotation in prevention and attack in case of mild to moderate disease to eradicate graphene intoxication before it progresses. 

And then, patients who are seriously ill and arrive at the hospital, the staff needs to be informed of the good protocols and shake them with antioxidants at high doses —as much as allowed—, to try to get people out of that situation as soon as possible.

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