La Quinta Columna explains what exactly is the 'brain tsunami' that the never isolated SARS-CoV-2 will cause

July 09, 2021

La Quinta Columna was featured in the Argentine program 'Palabras y Verdades' (Words and Truths) of Canal 7 Salta.

As in all the interviews he has given for the different Hispanic countries, the biostatistician Ricardo Delgado has made a summary of the findings he has made together with Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the team of collaborators that accompany him. 

In this particular interview, La Quinta Columna has made special emphasis in explaining what exactly is the brain tsunami that will cause the alleged SARS-CoV-2 and of which the media warns so much.

Orwell City has gathered the information and brought it into English as quickly as possible.

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Ricardo Delgado: We are talking about the poisoning of the entire world population with the complicity of governments, as I say, with their participation and by various ways of administration, which was what you asked me.

Indeed they have introduced graphene, at least, through the air with the famous chemtrails spraying that we see every time there is a new wave announcement. An announcement well accompanied with the prelude of these express spraying, and people already logically realize what is happening in the skies. Also through the masks, PCR and antigen tests, and vaccines such as the anti-flu and anti-COVID in all its variants, since they all produce the magnetic effect. 

A doctor here in Spain has carried out another study, an optical approach to AstraZeneca vials, and also graphene oxide folds were observed. So the population is being 'graphened' through different ways. They have also introduced graphene in food, because it can be done. We have read scientific papers so that graphene oxide is 3D printed in cookies and other food products. However, we think that by this route of administration, by ingestion, graphene does not have the capacity to cause what they want, because what they are after for is our brains

In the field of nanoscience, neuroscience or biotechnology, when we study all that graphene can do, we realize the ultimate goal of the operation being carried out, and that is that graphene oxide nanoparticles act as nanobiosensors once they are installed in neurons, so that they do two basic functions: the first is to collect the neuronal electrophysiological effects, these are the electrical signals of our impulses and thoughts. That is to say, to do a brain mapping at the same time that can also neuromodulate behaviors, emotions and feelings. 

 This makes sense and fits quite well with the statement made by the President of Chile Sebastián Piñera when he made the announcement of 5G and where he spoke of inserting emotions or thoughts and of reading our thoughts to control the entire nervous system of society. Logically it sounds like a terrifying science fiction movie, but believe me it is technically feasible and it is being done. 

Here in Spain there are institutes like the Catalan National Institute of Nanoscience at the forefront. We also have Imbrain. Because the objective would also be to connect this network to an artificial intelligence, which is what Mr. Elon Musk is going to promote. 

So, you will understand, that throughout this whole pandemic or pladenmia, in the planning sense, there were three grids that were being implemented at all times

1. An artificial grid or network of 45,000 satellites to provide 5G coverage which, from a telecommunications point of view, has no explanation. With basically 3, you could triangulate all types of signals. A satellite network in the stratosphere put there by Mr. Elon Musk who talks about connecting us to an artificial intelligence. 


2. Another grid would be the terrestrial one: a spider web of antennas. 

3. And the missing interface in the middle of these two grids, which we now know is precisely those graphene oxide nanoparticles that interface with the artificial intelligence. 

It is indeed the plot of a science fiction movie, but this is how we explain why Chile proposes the new neuro-rights law in an environment of supposed health crisis and that had no explanation whatsoever, but now we understand everything. 

Today we have also made a new finding. And it is precisely when the famous 'brain tsunami' comes, what will happen is that these people will have the perfect excuse to justify it. And 'brain tsunami' means that when they turn on this technology, the graphene that is directly installed in the head, as many people with magnetism have it, will cause that famous 'brain tsunami' that they announce as the symptom of a new coronavirus, but that evidently corresponds to the neurodegeneration that the graphene oxide causes in the body once it is electronically excited and oxidized much more quickly by the action of the electromagnetic disturbing focus.

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Ricardo Delgado: This situation is chaotic. These people intend to generate chaos. 

When they turn on 5G technology we will have the Delta variant here in Spain or the Delta Plus, which also refer to brain states, and they will have the perfect excuse to say that they can control the population mentally, because those people will become aggressive or they will become practically crazy, right? That's been the last conclusion we have drawn when researching. They are probably going to use that A.I. control with these people, making use of the satellite network of 5G technology and the graphene that many people now have in their heads, to make us see that the virus is very dangerous and that the only way to control it is with vaccines. 

That is why Sebastián Piñera has signed the neuro-rights law with the complicity of a Spanish scientist named Rafael Yuste, who has been working in this field of neurocontrol, modulation through graphene oxide, with nanoscience, which is his experimental field. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has also spoken about control and the brain-machine interface and that we are going to be controlled through A.I. Even Sánchez, our president, in an ironic way to the answer of a Popular Parliamentary Group of our country, made reference to the fact that they were going to inject us with a Chinese virus and that with the 5G they are going to control us all. So now we understand why, even ironically, he spoke in those terms. 

Why was he talking about injecting something when the official version tells us that the supposed SARS-CoV-2 —which is potent in aerosol form like graphene oxide, which is much more potent than aerosols and that is why they want to impose an intranasal vaccine on us—, why is he talking about injecting something and that they are going to control us all with the 5G? Logically, he was not telling us the plans. 

The good news is that, apparently, the body has some capacity to progressively eliminate this material through its own glutathione reserves. That is why they want to give us a second, third and even fourth dose every three to four months. They are already considering it. Or to make these intranasal vaccines so that we directly give ourselves the graphene dose and we become mentally controlled for God knows what kind of purpose. Of course, this is the goal of every dictator, of every genocidal and hateful criminal elite like the one we have. 

Raúl Belmont: Ricardo, does chlorine dioxide have any effect on this? 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes, chlorine dioxide, as we and Andreas Kalcker himself have been able to investigate, as you know, acts in a different way. Chlorine dioxide oxygenates the cells, alkalinizes the body and decontaminates it from heavy metals. So, let's say it turns the neutrophils into more resistant soldiers, while on the other hand, glutathione increases the number of soldiers to have an army of them. 

Therefore, as one is an antioxidant and the other is an oxidant, so that the first (chlorine dioxide) does not lose effectiveness, it would be necessary to have a treatment respecting those hours between one and the other, do you understand? But they would be perfectly compatible. 

Raúl Belmont: Yes, the difference between an antioxidant and an oxidative such as CDS therapy is 4 hours.

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