La Quinta Columna shares UV fluorescence test results that support the claim that the analyzed vaccination vials contain graphene oxide

July 10, 2021

In program nº 77, La Quinta Columna shared the results of a UV fluorescence analysis performed on Pfizer's vaccination vial.

The graph was provided by Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra, who has been leading the analysis of the vial using different techniques (optical and electron microscopy, spectroscopy, among others). 

According to the results of the UV fluorescence analysis, the peak reached by the nanomaterial present in the vial corresponds perfectly to that of graphene oxide (340 nm).

Orwell City offers below selected excerpts from today's program.

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Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Because, as I said, these people are very, very, very, very evil and they organize themselves very well to hurt us, and when they do something it is because they have it all very well thought out. We are becoming aware of what they intend since their plan has several levels. 

The first level of all this is the magnetic arms and that they are vaccinating you without it being necessary. That is the first. 

In the second we see that there is a toxicity, that they haven't told you about, and it is killing people. That's the second level. 

The third is neurocontrol. How did we get there? Well, by looking for it, just remember Elon Musk's words

And at the fourth level, we can't even imagine what these people really intend with this neurocontrol.

And with the content of the vaccines, because not everything that goes into those vaccines has been said yet. When you know... If the subject of graphene in them already makes you tremble, you can't imagine how you will feel when we start to tell you what is seen from time to time in the optical microscope. And that it is not only seen in a single vial, but in many. You have no idea what this is all about until you watch La Quinta Columna's programs and start to get a vague idea. 

But the important thing is that they are waging a war against us in which common sense is these people's main objective. They want to drag us into madness with all their behaviors, and we have to be firm and not accept anything that is not common sense.


Ricardo Delgado: I am going to share the result of a new complementary test sent to us by our friend Campra, and we are going to see it. But before we see the test results, before we see it, let's watch a video to remember this topic. Let's see if I have it here. To remember the topic of the ultraviolet radiation that was seen in the inoculates. Remember this, let's watch it. 

Well, this is the third case that we have already seen in a person presents photoluminescence in the inoculation area when subjected to an ultraviolet radiation filter with these famous flashlights. By illuminating the area it can be seen that they have a photoluminescent material inside. 

Actually, we have seen in several articles that graphene oxide also has this property. So, the results of the spectrum, and this has also been analyzed in Italy, have been these. Specifically at the peak of ultraviolet radiation. I am going to show you. It is not a completely conclusive proof, but it is something that does not discard graphene. Are you seeing it on the screen? I'm going to zoom in. 

Ricardo Delgado: The vial is the blue color, and it gives a peak right at 340 nm, and 340 nm is the peak of ultraviolet radiation, okay? Different things have been compared here: the serum, the serum plus graphite, the vial (which is the blue one, with Pfizer's content). 

It peaks at 340 nm when subjected to ultraviolet fluorescence. Therefore, it would also indicate that there is photoluminescent content in the vial with the same characteristics as the graphene oxide. It is not a conclusive proof, but it exists and adds to the ones we already have before... Yes, José Luis? 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: It does not exclude graphene, it is a proof that may not be conclusive, but it is not exclusive. Research continues and no evidence has been found to refute the theory of graphene for the time being. We are still searching. That's right. I'm going to share it on La Quinta Columna's Telegram channel.


Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Nobody is going to dare to do this, obviously. We have to do it here as we can. People out there are doing it too, but we still have the advantage that under the optical microscope you can see the tissues and folds,you can see the graphene pattern, and anyone with an optical microscope can see that. And you can see little things moving there too, pulling on the tissues. You see very interesting things that are alive, and those should not be there either. 

Ricardo Delgado: Note that those moving things can be microorganisms or it can be nanotechnology too. We don't know what it is yet, but we are looking for a way to find out

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: At the moment we have enough work to do with graphene. Look at the mess that has been made with graphene to get us into more trouble. We need to be sure about the graphene first and then we investigate the other things that shouldn't be in the vial either. A vaccine must not contain anything alive or any other filth in the liquid such as those that can be seen under an optical microscope

So, do the same wherever you hear us. Imitate us and publish, even anonymously, as people have done with their magnetic arms. Nobody knows the name and surname of these people, but in their videos they give their message and show their arms. 

Do what you can because these people are coming for us. They're coming for all of us. You're not getting it, damn it! Do you think you will be easily saved from these people? No! 

"The enemy loves treachery, but despises the traitor." Shakespeare. 

That is what is happening. At the moment they are serving you, but when the time comes they will be liquidated like the others. You must learn that they want to wipe us all out. The enemy has an objective, whatever it is, and some of you will fall sooner or later, but the enemy is after control. And neurocontrol with this kind of material means death: neurodegeneration and death after a while

Did you think you were going to be saved because you have not been negatively affected by the vaccine and because you feel okay today? Sooner or later you too will be connected to that A.I. above and your life will be worthless

If we don't help each other now so that we can stop these people while we are strong, and if we let time pass, then those people become stronger because they see that we do nothing and if they see us becoming more and more cowed, then it is as if we surrender to them.

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