Special Program on the technical report on the detection of graphene oxide in COVID vaccines, explained by Dr. Pablo Campra

November 12, 2021

Orwell City brings the special program of La Quinta Columna in which Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, on November 2, explained his technical report on the actual content of the vaccines against COVID-19

This program is particularly important and, perhaps, the most important that La Quinta Columna has done since it means a before and after in terms of transparency about the composition of vaccines.

Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences and graduate in Biology, associate professor at the University of Almeria, felt a personal and moral obligation to make this exhaustive report and presentation since no one in the scientific world is doing routine analysis of this drug that is being massively and simultaneously inoculated to the world's population.

This technical report details the methodology, samples, hypotheses, and conclusions drawn after applying micro-Raman microscopy techniques to the vaccination vials to which he had access. 

These vials weren't selected, but were the samples he had access to considering all the roadblocks and difficulties he had in making his report. 

In his own words, this report could have been ready in weeks or even days, had it not been for all the blockages he had to face since June when he made public the preliminary report on the analysis of a Pfizer vial that the biostatistician Ricardo Delgado provided him with thanks to Rafa Navarro (cop225), a Spanish policeman.

he good news is that, based on this technical report, other scientists may be motivated to carry out further research along the same lines or as a counter-analysis of what is described in it.

Dr. Campra has said that he would be more than happy to share what he has with those who want to contribute and join this noble cause of getting to the bottom of what's the actual composition of vaccines. And, of course, he has also made it clear that he won't collaborate with those who have a destructive attitude who will try to belittle his work without even having done their own analysis or research beforehand. 

Dr. Campra appeals to those competent colleagues with more technical capacity and experience than him in this matter to get to the truth of everything.

The only thing that matters is the message that must reach the world's population, not only the scientific one: the truth. Nothing can stop the truth.

Without further ado, Orwell City is proud to be the first alternative media to bring to English the special program of La Quinta Columna in which Dr. Campra explains all his technical work and, with special emphasis, to the scientific community.

This is a video that should go viral in the scientific communities and be seen among scientists to help continue in this line of research according to the possible contributions that can be made.

Link: Rumble

Download the technical report in Spanish: Research Gate | La Quinta Columna | DocDroid
Download the technical report in English: Not On The Beeb
Download the graphene oxide toxicity report: DocDroid
Download the Hippocratic Oath: DocDroid

Footnote: It took several days to have this video completed, but I have preferred to take my time to be sure that the message gets through as accurately as possible in English. I have transcribed everything the speakers have said in Spanish (about 23,000 words) and then translated it into English (another 23,000 words or so). I have done the best proofreading I could within the time I set for myself (there are minor details I noticed after encoding ⁠—yeah, it happens—, but will fix them in a 2.0 ver. soon) and, I have done the subtitling work with a lot of patience. I didn't think it would take me this long. Honestly, I thought I could have this done by Wednesday or Thursday. But I think that I've underestimated the number of words to go through line by line for this program and the encoding process. 

I hope you learn as much as I learned with this program by watching it and working on it so that all of you could appreciate it in a language that much of the population understands: English.


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