Dr. José Luis Sevillano: 'They'll be able to do what they have never been to the human species before through graphene'

August 11, 2021

In a new program of La Quinta Columna, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgado continued analyzing articles and debunking fake news from the globalist media. And, as usual, they commented on the future that lies ahead if we don't provide real information about what is happening. 

The great reset predicted by the elite intends to be carried out by different means, among them the ill-named vaccines that, through graphene and other nanotechnology it contains, will lead humanity to bow down to the controlling elite.

It's not unreasonable to think that we are at the end of a cycle, that is what many individuals have come to conclude after the events we are living day by day, and Dr. Sevillano doesn't rule it out either.

In the following video that Orwell City has brought to English, Dr. Sevillano shares a brief reflection on the matter.

Link: Rumble

Dr. Sevillano: I tell you, we have renounced all scientific knowledge. You see, this is all about 'graphening.' And have you noticed what they said? That it's the material of the 21st century. It's the key to everything. It's the key to everything. 

They're going to do everything with it. That's why the fashion of graphene in tattoos, like the one this girl had, the one who made a video against La Quinta Columna and had a tattoo representing graphene. 

Everything will be graphene-based because it's going to be the key to all of this. It's going to be the key to neurocontrol and resetting. Because to reset this society, it'll have to be torn down. It'll have to be overturned. If not, you don't change it. This society works... You see that it doesn't work well at all, but people work quite well and are comfortable in it. And they're going to tear it down thanks to the graphene. They're going to tear it down thanks to it. It'll be torn down and a graphene-based one will be born. 

So graphene is what the Apocalypse says. 'The mark of the beast.' 

In other words, it's coming at the end of time to end all this. That's exactly what it is. It's the mark of the beast. All of this is an end of a cycle and the beginning of another if there is another one. Because we don't know what will be left alive after all the upcoming mess. It's all based on graphene. 

Surely, there was graphene in the flu vaccine, which is what triggered the cases that made this situation possible...

Ricardo Delgado: Yes.

Dr. Sevillano: ...Together with the antennae to generate the pandemic. A pandemic that could not yet be very numerous a while ago. And everyone denounced this. 

-'Hey, there aren't enough dead people to declare a pandemic!' 

-'Yeah, yeah,' they replied, 'But there will be.' 

Do you understand? That is, 'There aren't any now, because we've only been able to jab the elderly people.' 

Ricardo Delgado: In the nursing homes

Dr. Sevillano: 'But with those we have jabbed and who present such rare clinical pictures, we're going to be able to jab everybody.' 

And look at how they're succeeding: With the excuse of the elderly who died quickly, and of people who collapsed in Guayaquil and other places. Like the Chinese who fell fried and roasted in Wuhan. With those alarming cases that have occurred all over the world. Cases we hear about and that the media saturate us with. 

With those cases, look at what has happened. You realize that with those few cases —even though they are few, they were alarming—, and they have exploited them to generate a whole pandemic. And now they can vaccinate everybody with that excuse. And once vaccinated, now they can reset everything: economies, demographics —which are going to make a good bloodletting—, and the New World... 

And this New World will be conditioned by the world that's sinking now. The same one that's disappearing and that's brain damaged. This New World is going to force human beings to control themselves with graphene once again. So, for them, graphene is the key to everything. 

 They'll be able to do what they have never been to the human species before through graphene. 

At the time those two guys discovered it, you know? At that moment. Because it allowed them to do something that they had not been able to do until now. They can do it now.

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