Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez and Ricardo Delgado on nanotechnology in the vaccines: 'What they want is to override our will'

August 08, 2021

Geneticist Dean Hamer has conducted several investigations related to the VMAT2 gene, better known as the God gene. According to his research, the connection to the divine is encoded in our DNA. 

At a conference he held at the Pentagon in 2005, he spoke about how the expression of this gene could be reduced in religious fundamentalists. According to him, this process could be carried out through vaccines. 

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Although this lecture is already well known among those who have been investigating what the elite have planned for humanity, it's still unknown information for the rest of the population. The suppression of the VMAT2 gene would not only mean that an individual would not express a tendency to religion, but would cease to cognitively question authority. In other words, the subject who has had this gene inhibited is completely manipulable and easily subjected to any discipline. A quite attractive dream to the elite who seek to control at all costs.

This being a proven reality. It's not unreasonable to think that in addition to graphene and other crap that goes in the vaccines, there is specialized nanotechnology that seeks to break the will of human beings.

In this regard, Ricardo Delgado from La Quinta Columna and geneticist Dr. Luis Marcelo Martinez discussed the issue a few days ago. 

Orwell City brings the video in English for all its followers.

Link: Rumble

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: World Economic Forum. What is it all about? All of this is already written and is part of what is called the 20/30 agenda. It's written already, and they tell you about it. The World Economic Forum says that in ten years, nobody is going to own anything and be happy about it. 

And that they're going to control even your thoughts. How do you take control of a human being's thoughts? Is that the objective of the nanotechnology that's being used in these vaccines? Is it the control of human thought and will? From the bioelectrical point of view, through nanobots and behavior modulation through genetic manipulation. A question that has been asked in the world. 

The VMAT2 gene encodes the production of GABA. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a critical neurotransmitter involved in human behavior and will. If you silence that gene, you bring the human will to the level of a dog. And they have done that as a way of dealing with religious fundamentalism.

Ricardo Delgado: That's the famous God gene that when the so-called genome was deciphered in 2001, it was somehow isolated. That famous VMAT2 was like the one associated with religious fundamentalism. The famous 'God gene'. And it was tested. The experiment that was done was to mix a coronavirus, precisely, with the influenza virus. I've seen the conference. And it was then observed that in a certain brain region of the hypothalamus a person developed less than religious fundamentalist gene. It was less abrupt, let's say. As if they really... What they want is to override our will. Not only spiritual but the whole will.

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: And, factually, we know it because scientific papers abound from which viral vectors can be used. And you can modulate the expression of genes. Absolutely. In other words, I'm not talking about a novelty. I'm not just guessing at anything. We, geneticists, know this.

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