La Quinta Columna: 5G Map & COVID-19 Environmental Theory

August 12, 2021

Through La Quinta Columna, Dr. José Luis Sevillano has been spreading the COVID-19 environmental theory since he realized the relationship between 5G antennas and the cases that began to appear in 2019.

Those familiar with Bartomeu Payeras Cifre's investigations or with Dr. Sevillano's researchers already know that where there are 4G, 4G Plus, and especially 5G antennas, there are reported cases such as those caused by the neither isolated, nor purified, nor characterized SARS-CoV-2. The symptoms of people affected by COVID-19 are exactly the same as those caused by radiation sickness.

One way to check that this theory is valid is to review the maps of 5G antennas distributed in countries and regions. It's quite curious, for example, that in North Africa, where there are no 5G antennas, there are no COVID cases. A whole different story if we pay attention to South Africa, where there are 5G antennas.

In the following video that Orwell City offers in English for its followers, La Quinta Columna explains this singular fact that few seem to realize through a 5G map.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: José Luis, let's take a look at the the antenna map, since someone here in the chat asked for it. We have seen it many times, but let's see it again so that people can pay attention to something important. It's about the famous COVID-19 border effect. And you'll understand perfectly why. Let's see, we have it here. This application is a map that shows all the antennas if you zoom in. 

As you see, Spain is overpopulated with antennas For example, here in Andalusia, look at all the antennas. In the Badajoz area as well. Around here are a little fewer. The places where COVID-19 has the biggest impact are precisely the parts where these antennas are located. See? 

If you look at the map of France, you can see how it is. France is mined with antennas. It's unbelievable. 

Dr. Sevillano: I'm just telling you that here there was a small farm that had no coverage, and they wanted to put an antenna there, in the village, to give coverage to a single house. As soon as a person complains that the telephone signal doesn't reach them, they have the perfect excuse to put up an antenna. When it comes to that, these people are hypersensitive to provide service to the citizen. 

Ricardo Delgado: And one very important thing, José Luis. You know that the coronavirus has reached all parts of Europe. And Europe is all full of antennas, as you can see here, right? Italy, Romania, Hungary... 

All the most affected countries. However, you know that in North Africa, there is practically no COVID-19. But it does exist in South Africa. Here is on the map. And there are antennas in South Africa. See? 

However, in North Africa —we're looking at 5G here—... In North Africa, if you notice, there are practically no antennas. 

And yet, in Africa, apart from the fact that there's no vaccination, among other things. Because there's no need, right? Since COVID-19 is non-existent there. 

Then, when the microbiologist Bartomeu Payeras Cifre carried out the investigation on the famous border effect, people wondered how could be possible that it didn't spread from Spain to North Africa although they're close. 

Source: National University of Tumbes

If there are so many cases in Cadiz, for example, why aren't there in Morocco and other places? And in North Africa in general? Well, you see that there is no technological infrastructure, specifically, of 5G antennas in this case. There are some 4G and so on. But there are far fewer than in more developed countries. 

Everyone was dead worried saying, 'When the coronavirus has reached Africa, it'll be chaotic —especially North Africa—, where schools become hospitals to treat people because they don't have the resources and they have fewer medical services, and the doctors aren't very qualified.' 

However, in North Africa, practically nothing has happened. And this is why. I'm going to share this (on Telegram)... Man, if the supposed virus of the official version were a biological agent that was uniformly distributed, why does it have a border effect then? That's what we started to understand from the beginning when we realized that there was really... 

Dr. Sevillano: That there was a cat in the bag there. That's shocking. This is some of the first evidence we saw when this started, and we wondered how that was possible. But it's shocking. Impressive. Anyway. We couldn't believe it, and many people don't want to believe it either. Well, they'll see it was true someday. But it'll be too late.

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