Dr. José Luis Sevillano: COVID clinical picture is the same as that of an acute radiation syndrome (ARS)

August 09, 2021

It has been almost a year since Dr. José Luis Sevillano realized that 5G antennas were making people sick in the small town where he lives. From that point on, he supported the COVID-19 environmental theory, together with biologist Bartomeu Payeras.

Although truth groups disregarded Dr. Sevillano's words, who saw his patients getting better by sending them out of the areas where there are 5G antennas, his message has gone viral around the world.

Supported by biostatistician and director of La Quinta Columna, Ricardo Delgado, Dr. Sevillano has found a series of scientific articles that increasingly support his theory. 

In a new effort to make people aware of the dangers of non-ionizing radiation, he referred to an article published in which the clinical picture of COVID was compared to that of Acute Irradiation Syndrome, which is virtually the same.

Orwell City brings the video with the words of Dr. Sevillano about it.

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Ricardo Delgado: ...The worst symptoms are "a mixture," she said. And detailed that there are some neurological symptoms such as short-term memory loss, lack of concentration, headaches, or hemicraneal paresthesias, like the one she suffers.

There are also symptoms such as extreme tiredness, muscle, and joint pain or dermatological problems, as well as patients with thrombi, loss of vision or blurred vision, tinnitus, stomach problems or mental fog". That's to say, the whole picture of the symptomatology of...

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Of... Well, symptomatology of exposure to electromagnetic fields. That's the picture. And remember, so that people know... Let's see if we can recover that famous radiologists' article, Ricardo. I have it. If you don't have it, I'll pass it on to you. Because that picture was described in the radiology journal, which was published in May 2020. In that article, COVID was compared to an acute radiation syndrome. 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Acute irradiation syndrome with ionizing radiation. And the picture was exactly the same at the laboratory level, at the analytical level, at the clinical level. Everything was the same. And you should know that when I presented this article to the Doctors for the Truth and Scientists for the Truth collective, Dr. Albarracín came to my throat to tear all this down.

And she didn't let me progress in that research. I had to leave that collective to continue with my investigations. The same collective that later didn't want to accept the subject of magnetism. So you can see who is who in this story. I have known for a long time who is who, but you don't know it, but you have to know it. 

And know that an acute radiation syndrome is the same picture as COVID. Whether ionizing or not, the result is the same. The two types of radiation, the same qualities of energy produce the same effects at the cellular and mitochondrial level

The currents that cause this in the cell annul —destroy—, the chain of electrons, which is what gives energy to the cell. And there's damage in all tissues.

Source: PubMed 

Cells from all tissues die. The body becomes inflamed because there's no energy. And there's no energy because the electric currents generated inside and outside the cell override the respiratory chain, which is the one that produces energy in the mitochondria

And that was not left for me to say in that collective. And that was not left for me to say in that collective. Thanks to Dr. Albarracín's actions. So you can see what this is all about. Now, we have Mr. Nájera who dismissed what I was saying back then. He never listened to what I'm saying here. He's not interested. And now you have him defending —and in the same team as Dr. Albarracín—, saying that these things related to graphene don't exist. There are always the same people preventing the truth from being known. And you have to know it.

Because the truth is what saves your skin. It's not only that it sets you free, as Jesus used to say. No. It saves your life. In other words, either you stick to the truth, or your life is in danger.

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