Graphene nanosheets found in rainwater

July 31, 2021

In a new Friday night radio program of Dirección Correcta, from the Chilean radio station El Mirador del GalloLa Quinta Columna gave the scoop on a new finding: graphene nanosheets in rainwater. 

The sample was taken hours after the chemtrail phenomenon has been observed in the skies.

Just as this nanomaterial can be found in aqueous solutions, physiological saline, vaccines, and many other items of medical and industrial use, it can also be found in practically everything. 

This explains, moreover, why there are people who are magnetic without ever having been vaccinated, undergone a medical examination, worn masks, etc.

Many mysteries are being unveiled little by little.

Below is the video that Orwell City has prepared.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: This was sent to us by Dr. Cabezas. His name is... Let's just call him Dr. Cabezas. From the Canary Islands. He has done an optical microscopic analysis ―more than enough―, of particles of... He has found nanosheets of graphene oxide particles in rainwater. And also in the bronchial alveolar mucus. That is, after having inhaled the environment, he spits sputum directly into the microscope, and he also finds the nanomaterial. We will upload that later. That is, we're swallowing it. We have it over here, and we are going to project it, okay?

Jorge Osorio (Dirección Correcta): Yes. While Ricardo kindly shows and contextualizes the video, it should be noted that we have over 2,100 people online. I want to thank the kindness of all those who are connected. It should be noted that Ricardo Delgado, today, didn't do a nightly stream on his Telegram, as he usually does. He has given us the premiere of doing it from here, from the platform Let's keep sharing.

Ricardo Delgado: Well, I'm going to be pausing the video. This is seen with very low magnification. There are some droplets, very tiny, that have, at best, 60X or 80X magnification. It's rainwater, okay?

The sample was collected from these droplets. Optical magnification will be increasing from now on. And what you're going to see, then, are the particular characteristics of graphene oxide. They're folds shaped like handkerchiefs. And these, as I say, are directly inside these droplets. Let's see, I've already played it. Now it's going to continue playing. Here you can already see one. A tiny one in the middle. Can you see it? 

Here, with higher magnification. 

I'm going to stop it for a moment because, as you can see, graphene has a particularity, and it's that it has a kleenex-like appearance.

As usual, everyone who works with this nanomaterial describes it that way. As if it were a kleenex directly thrown to the bottom of a swimming pool. So, it has folded in it. Here, what you're seeing are folds. And, then, they have a peculiarity. And that is that the edges tend to fold in on themselves. That's what the graphene is doing here as well. There's a layer on top. 

That one, for example, is very characteristic too, as you see in the scientific literature. It looks the same. It looks very similar to the one we found in the Vaxigrip vaccine too. It looks very, very similar. The one that Dr. Campra initially found in the Pfizer vaccine under the optical microscope looks very similar too. 

Well, obviously, rainwater should be clear and clean. Clear. It could have some other kind of, I don't know. We can say it might contain some different chemical composition of some metal or something, but this... This is not normal. It shouldn't be in rainwater. And metals either. There are certain metals in the environment, but metals shouldn't be in the water either. However, that's something we're observing in the mud. In the mud, we're also observing quantities of metals. 

And this is what we suspected. Graphene. After the previous spraying with the chemtrail phenomenon that everybody knows already. Well, this is a confirmation that we will verify again. Because anyone who has an optical microscope can do it. And I, from here, I encourage everybody to do it.

We have to comment that we managed to obtain another flu vaccine vial through a very special person who's going to keep it in perfect custody.

But it's not Vaxigrip Tetra, which was the other one. It is one that we were even more interested in. Although the Tetra also had graphene oxide. We're convinced... We're convinced that they put it in all vaccines because we have the patents that say that graphene oxide is used in physiological aqueous solutions. And it is published in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Consumption... Sorry. And of Tourism of the Spanish Government. On the official website of the same

Therefore, to all those compulsive liars from the fact-checkers verification agencies ―(Newtral a.k.a. Newtroll, Ana Pastor,, AFP Factual, and others―, it's necessary to tell them that they're not only committing a crime. That is, not only are they blatantly lying to the population to push them to suicide, to the slaughterhouse, but they are also committing a criminal offense. And I hope that they will be sitting in a dock, eventually. And the leaders and the journalists who are spreading false information to lead people to the vaccination process will be punished. 

They have obtained a vaccine for us from the Chiromas brand. The Chiromas ® (with R for "registered").

That one is especially very important because it was the one that was involved in the study of the Barbastro report.

Source: Médicos por la Verdad España

And it was proved that there was a high mortality rate of the COVID-19 after the flu vaccination process with Chiromas. Which is the vaccine that is injected especially, or recommended, for people over 65 years of age in nursing homes particularly. And you already know what happened in the nursing homes. We know for a fact that graphene oxide is going to be found in it. Nevertheless, we're going to confirm it by optical microscopy, also by electron microscopy, and, if possible, through spectroscopy.

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