Official interim report of Pfizer's vaccination vial analysis explained by La Quinta Columna

June 30, 2021

La Quinta Columna has revolutionized the scientific community with the official interim report of the analysis of the vaccination vial they released yesterday. 

To continue informing readers from all over the world who visit Orwell City, we offer below the link to program #67 in which you can see from minute 38 onwards the report that was screened and commented live by Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgado. 

Link: LoveoTV

And here, as well you an see a key fragment of the report analysis subtitled in English. 

Link: Rumble

The report is official and has been written and signed by Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid of the University of Almeria, Spain. The signature can be verified.

As you well know, this is an investigation that, as Delgado and Dr. Sevillano have defined it, 'they should not have done it themselves', since that is the work of the people who really have access to these vials and have the means to carry out the pertinent investigations. Both know that compared to renowned people in the area, they are literal nobodies who are risking their careers, but they hope that with this report that with much effort and collaboration of people who could get a vial, they have been able to carry out and thus be able to alert the world population of the dangerous content that the authorities try to normalize and make it look as if it were harmless.

There is a lot of research and evidence that graphene oxide is highly toxic and harmful to health. If you still do not know about this, you can refer to La Quinta Columna's official website or their official Telegram channel, where they have collected many relevant papers and news to inform those who reach them of the dangers of this component.

Orwell City will continue to inform the community of more news on the rest of the analysis performed on the vial, as spectroscopy and other tests were also performed to add further strength to this investigation. La Quinta Columna has also reported that analyses of vials from other laboratories are on the way as well, and that they will keep sending the results to Reiner Fuellmich.

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