La Quinta Columna: Almost all foods are magnetic, are medicines magnetic too?

August 05, 2021

The phenomenon of post-vaccination magnetism has initiated diverse investigations. Thanks to them, we know that graphene oxide is the toxic agent that causes it. This nanomaterial is also responsible for the series of side effects and deaths recorded and unrecorded to date.

Although the globalist media have turned a blind eye to the phenomenon that affects several people, there's something that they won't be able to argue. It's not like most foods have greasy skin or that they haven't taken a shower.  It doesn't matter if it's labeled as organic or not: almost all food we eat is magnetic. 

There are already hundreds of videos that La Quinta Columna's followers have sent to the channel "Magnetic Foods." 

What's the reason behind this? If you have followed La Quinta Columna's investigations on Orwell City, then you may have an idea already: magnetism is probably caused by graphene oxide. 

Of course, there may be heavy metals, but they should be present in trace amounts, not in the quantities that have been recorded so far.

Complaints about magnetic foods are increasing so fast that they make us think that perhaps medicines are also magnetic.

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Orwell City brings the video in English.

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Ricardo Delgado: Look, José Luis, we have found, probably... Uh... Do you remember there were patents on a physiological serum with graphene oxide? Physiological saline solutions and vaccines to induce the body developing immunity using graphene oxide for disease treatment. Well, we've also found scientific papers that support it for water purification. We're talking about water treatment using graphene oxide. We also found it in rainwater —thanks to the analysis by Dr. Cabezas in the Canary Islands, who found graphene folds in it—. Probably because of chemtrail spraying. 

I was just commenting that today some clouds have appeared here, the elongated ones that have been with us for some time.

Graphene has been introduced by inhalation or intravenously directly —the vaccine—. Do you remember the toxicity report that talked about the different routes of administration or entry into the body? Well, we have also found graphene now in foods such as meats, teas, chamomile, cereals, cookies, lactose-free milk, cocoa, and infusions —we have hundreds of videos of that—. Let's say that's how it's administered orally. But it's also administered intradermally. We find it in hydrogels, all kinds of cosmetic items, creams, mascara, in almost any makeup product, moisture facial milk, sun creams

It's also in tobacco —going back to the inhalation route—. In tobacco too. In electronic cigarettes, in the famous PCR tests, which are manufactured by NanoGrafi. Probably, in the antigen test. All of that is by the inhaled route. And also in masks. So... Yes?

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: People still need to check out of curiosity if medications like aspirin, paracetamol, and... Don't run out of the medicines you have by doing this test. 

But if you have some spare stock to take some medicine and turn into powder. Do it and check if the meds have also had magnetic stuff added to them. Because this has to be reported immediately. I mean, immediately. 

This is no longer about the vaccine. There will be no pretense of anything happening. Even the TV is not going to laugh. Let's see how Susanna Griso and Risto Mejide come out saying that the magnetism in food is a joke. Let's see how they explain it to people. Is it that the magnet also sticks to them because they're greasy? Because you can see how it sticks to food

We're not going to tolerate that anymore. We don't allow seeing magnetic arms. We're having a hard time, but many people already know about it. And more people are getting aware. But they will cover your mouth when people have started dying. They'll say it's because the virus 'is in the air'. And, of course, forget about talking about magnetic arms. We have already seen them, and we already know how they act. They won't accept the issue of magnetic arms or graphene no matter how much we analyze them. 

But let's see how they analyze... Let's see how they deal with the fact of food having heavy metal-type elements or graphene-type magnetic elements. Let's see how they swallow that. Let's see how they can digest that. I mean, the next campaign that we have to do immediately, is the magnetic food campaign. That of heavy metal poisoning in food. In food in general, in water..., in everything we see there is something. 

Let's see how they show this on TV. Let's see if they dare to comment on it. Well, they won't comment on it. But people will know about it and will be shouting in the streets asking for explanations soon. 

Because if foods and medicines also become magnetic, everyone can check it out, that really compromises governments. That brings them down. In fact, if the issue of the magnetic arm has not brought down governments, it's only because of the fear that people have of the virus. And because they are confusing the issue of the virus with that of intoxication via vaccines. And as the strength of the virus is much greater because people are afraid, they're forgetting about the magnetic arm. Many don't know what it is about. But many people already know about it. But they can no longer explain or hide the fact that food is magnetic in any way. And everyone who learns that food is magnetic immediately will give credibility to the fact that the vaccine leaves magnetic arms

The offensive is right now. Food poisoning produces magnetism in food. And the state is again behind all this. Because for a single food to be magnetic, it may be a factory error. Or who knows! But the fact that so many foods are magnetic is no longer a mistake. That is an order that is given. That comes from high places. Like the vaccine. It's the same thing.

Ricardo Delgado: Yes, and you can see that, in some way, this is going to contribute to the magnetism of the people in different ways. But the vaccine is more invasive, and they need it because they want to impose it at all costs. I'm going to quickly put a couple of one-minute videos of the hundreds...

Dr. Sevillano: Ricardo. This would explain why so many unvaccinated people are magnetized.

Ricardo Delgado: Sure, sure. 

Dr. Sevillano: This would explain it.

Ricardo Delgado: It would indeed. Here, we're going to make a denouncement with videos that we will make viral. We're already working on it. As of tomorrow, we're going to start showing videos every day without stopping...

Dr. Sevillano:  Ricardo. Let them look at all the food because that motivates people. All the food that crosses their minds. Any med that crosses their mind. See if there is anything magnetic and make a record. And then go to their doctors, to the pharmacy, and wherever it is necessary. When it's about food is harder. But if it's medication, you can go to your doctor and to the pharmacy. That's what it's all about, that people start to wake up now. 

This is no longer about some crazy people talking about a magnet sticking to their arm. Motherfuckers! This, they're going to pay for this. They're going to pay. These people have been going overboard for a long time. But this agent goes into food and vaccines in such a blatant way! And if, on top of that, they play dumb and laugh at others... Well, they're not going to be laughing much longer. They're going to pay for all this. All those involved and ignoring the magnetic vaccine, this food thing is going to put them in their place.

Some videos shown during the program:

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