Irradiation and catatonic state in humans and animals

August 22, 2021

For some years now, videos of animals in a catatonic state have been circulating in the networks, as if it were a 'glitch in the matrix,' as described by those who recorded the phenomenon. 

From being something that at first seemed paranormal, it became something that could be explained by the irradiation with certain waves that have been secretly experimented with for some time.

Curiously, this phenomenon has started to be seen, also, in humans since the famous waves started in Wuhan. Coincidence? Well, not really. According to La Quinta Coumna and the explanations offered by Dr. José Luis Sevillano, everything is related. We have been irradiated for a long time without us knowing it. The elite has been experimenting with neuromodulation for a long time and, only now, it has been possible to discover what the whole thing is about.

In the following excerpt from program 112 that Orwell City has selected and brought into English for its visitors and followers, La Quinta Columna shows a video recorded in Spain, in which pigeons don't react and seem to be frozen in time.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Another rare behavior, José Luis —apart from the ones people are having, like the one in the testimony we've just shared—, is in animals. Specifically in birds. Especially in birds that don't do much grounding and don't perform bioelectrical discharges very often. Grounding would somehow prevent the absorption of the radiation dose itself. This video has been recorded reflecting the strange behavior in pigeons. Notice that the pigeons are inert like they are stunned. And they don't even flinch at...

Dr. Sevillano: Take away the 'like.' They're stunned.

Ricardo Delgado: Yeah. Look at the movement of the leaves on the trees, the wind. But they're frozen. There's a slight movement of one of them.

Dr. Sevillano: Oh, my God. They've been knocked out. They seem to react very little.

Ricardo Delgado: That's here in Spain, huh? But normally... I mean, the most normal thing is that these birds fly away, right? There is one that reacted a little bit. But look, they're all staring in one direction. Frozen.

Dr. Sevillano: Frozen. Yes.

Ricardo Delgado: This also happened to people who were vaccinated. Especially, in the beginning. These freezing phenomena were where people stayed like these birds. Indeed, something is affecting all of us.

Example #1: Man in catatonic state in shopping mall
Link: Rumble 
Example #2: Woman in catatonic state while laughing
Link: Rumble 

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, of course. These people were already irradiating us. This is the news we have to deliver: they're currently irradiating us. 

And at the moment they want to draw big attention, you know how they'll do it. When you start to see little airplanes and the atmosphere thickens, it won't be long before we hear the famous Hum, and we're going to start dropping like flies. 

That's to say, these people are preparing the ground. This is like that, like war. The same thing is done in war. The artillery sweeps the terrain for a few hours before the attack. And, already at the end, there is a barrage fire to support the troops. That's what they do and, now, they do the same thing. They pound you for a while. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. 

They keep taking damage —the ones that get hit the hardest are the first to fall, of course—, until, in the end, it's the coup de grâce. Because the infantry comes behind. This is the same thing. 

Now they finish off by adding that ray. They can't generate that one all the time. It's hard for them to generate those chemical clouds that disperse when there's wind. So they need more particular qualities in the atmosphere. So that's what they're doing. They're preparing the ground by maligning the biology to be damaged from now on. There are already cases, which suit them very well for the logic of an epidemic. And when they want to... Bam! They give the other blow. And that's already the disaster. Everything is chaos, and everybody gets sick. That's what they do with the waves. Then, at the moment, they're shaking us up. You know, they're setting the stage. They're weakening the enemy's defenses. And in no time... there'll be death.

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