5G causes COVID-19 symptoms (radiation sickness), seismic activity, the Hum sound, and the so-called waves

August 21, 2021

During the 111th program of La Quinta Columna, Dr. José Luis Sevillano made some very important remarks regarding the damages derived from the 5G antennas and the ionizing radiations that Geiger counters have registered in the last few days. 

It has already been mentioned that COVID-19 is not a new disease but a new name for radiation sickness. We also know that this disease is caused by the electro-frequencies emitted by 5G antennas. These emissions go from non-ionizing to ionizing through signal multiplication, most likely by graphene oxide in the environment (coming from chemtrails). Or by heavy metals.

And of course, this technology is not only responsible for all that, but it is also closely related to the seismic and volcanic activity observed around the planet since the plandemic began. This technology that is irradiating us would also be responsible for the famous Hum.

In a new selection of a new program, Orwell City brings the explanations of Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgado into English for everyone.

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Dr. Sevillano: And we won't stop measuring with those devices and with the others, even if they're altered —we already know that.  Even if they're altered we'll know that where the snort hits, it means that there they're irradiating more than they should. Even if it's only to see if it sounds or not. To observe that pulse when the device is turned on. If nothing else, we'll know if the proximity antennas are emitting something. We're going to measure antennas at a distance to detect ionizing radiation, those weather engineering antennas. And with the proximity ones, we'll use the small devices that measure non-ionizing radiation, and we're going to hunt them down, too. 

We're going to be watching all the time what they're doing with electromagnetic fields so that we can stop them. Because if they find out that we're measuring them, they aren't going to be able to continue with their operation of creating waves or Doomsday —or whatever this is called—, and stuff like that. So they're not going to be able to do it.

Do you understand? I mean, we have to measure the waves ourselves. The same way we have observed the magnetic arms ourselves. Just like we're verifying if there's magnetic food. And just like w're analyzing looking for graphene in vaccines. Since no one else is doing it, then we have to do what they aren't. That is the way we have to go. We have to do with our knowledge what they don't do with theirs.

That's to say, I have told you that they're irradiating. I've been told by people who're measuring, and you're thinking that they're not irradiating us. But these people who are measuring say that yes, they're irradiating. That's why we see people, well, a lot of people that are already being seen in the ICUs and so on. Of course, they're irradiated. And as the irradiations go up, and up, and up, and up until they press the pedal to the metal. And one day you start to hear the famous 'Hum'. 

The Hum is nothing more than those antennas of the climate engineering stations doing their work remotely. And nobody knows where that noise comes from. Well, it's those antennas that make that noise. That's where it comes from.

In the end, it turns out that when the waves started... Don't forget that, during the first wave, there was a lot of seismic activity on the planet. I don't know how many volcanoes erupted in the belt.

Ricardo Delgado: 25. There were 25 at least. 

Dr. Sevillano: How many?

Ricardo Delgado: 25, if I'm not mistaken. And simultaneously.

Dr. Sevillano: And what the hell does the seismic activity have to do with the coronavirus? Do you understand it now? If you start emitting that kind of wave, I don't know how many millions of watts those weather stations generate...

Ricardo Delgado: The one in Daimiel generates one million watts. The one in the United States, a billion watts.

Dr. Sevillano: And that's one of the small ones. When it starts to emit waves upwards, somewhere they return them, you know? And when they return... You can't even imagine what they generate in the Earth's mantle. When that hits or bounces off, and it goes straight to the mantle. In other words, it screws up the whole balance. All the natural electromagnetic fields of the mantle currents are 'scrambled'. 

Ricardo Delgado: And the caloric energies.

Dr. Sevillano: And the volcanoes start to become active on the surface. Do you understand now why there has been seismic activity simultaneously with the first wave? Do you understand now? Do you understand now that the real COVID cases are radiation sickness cases? Acute radiation. Acute radiation syndrome. 

Do you understand now? Do you understand why people, above all, fall ill around antennas? But not only around them. With this, we could even understand, maybe, why there are COVID cases in the Amazon. Maybe, we could even understand it without the presence of proximity antennas. 

Then, when you want to look for the truth, you find it. What happens is that what can happen to you is what happens to me: when I start searching, I am either silenced or attacked. That is, someone doesn't want us to find the truth.

Ricardo Delgado: Someone also asked if any measuring device will do. To measure ionizing radiation, it has to be the Geiger. It measures alpha, beta, and even gamma waves —some of them. From ionizing radiation. And as for microwave measurers, we recommend is the BR-9A, which is this one here. It costs about 25 euros. 

However, we suspect that they may be altered because they're digital. They may be digitally altered and displaying much more vague values than what they're actually emitting. But of course, if they're emitting...

Dr. Sevillano: The analog ones... Always buy the ones with needle, because the others come altered from the factory. As is the case with the small meters. We realized that, surely, these people knew that at some point... 

Who do you think is going to buy a Geiger counter? Who? Who would buy a small device like this? Who? Somebody who suspects that's being irradiated, right? 

The one who manufactures them, the one who has the capital to set up a factory for these devices, it's the one irradiating you. That's what I'm telling you. So we can get an idea. 

If there are altered pulses, like those we see with the devices that already give us the clues, it means that they're altering the signals. But, at the same time, this allows us to see if the levels are rising. 

'Hell! They're going up!' 

These devices allow you to deduce that, even if they aren't reliable concerning the values. I've always said: don't trust values because the real values are much higher. 

The values that the law imposes as rule, are higher than those that nature tolerates. You cannot trust with a value that's the norm or not or if it's legal or not because it's harming you. What we're interested in is whether when the levels go up, that coincides with the waves. 

And, now, we've realized that those devices aren't going to be able to detect the violence of the 'rays' being sent. Because they're ionizing, and those devices are useless. But also, if you buy a digital Geiger, fuck it. Because it will be manufactured by those people who are irradiating us. And only those people who manufacture them use the ones that aren't altered. However, they sell you the altered ones, so you have to look for the analog ones from the age of the war. From World War II and later. Because those are the ones that nobody alters. Those come virgin.

Ricardo Delgado: The cell phone... The application... Mobile apps for this kind of measurement are of no use whatsoever.

Dr. Sevillano: I barely trust them. Even though I bought one that cost me about 400 euros a few months ago. I can't trust them because when I place myself in places where I know there's radiation, the device doesn't move or does it very rarely. And yet, it gives me a headache. I trust my biological symptoms more than the device.

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