La Quinta Columna on the Hum and COVID waves

August 23, 2021

In its most recent programs, La Quinta Columna has made new discoveries of which the world's population should be aware. 

One of the ones that has most caught the attention of its followers is that the Hum, whose origin was unknown or attributed to skyquakes, is a sound generated by the geoclimatic antennas with which the entire planet is being irradiated in a plan of massive depopulation and transhumanism.

In the following excerpt, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgado show and analyze the video that a follower sent them. In it, the Hum can be heard, a sound that, in turn, always coincides with the beginning of a new COVID wave.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: And now that you have mentioned the Hum phenomenon, the famous mysterious Hum that people didn't know where it came from. Specifically, in a town here in Seville —which belongs to the Aljarafe, Almensilla—, the Hum was heard at night. We're going to see it. Pay close attention. I don't know how the audio will sound. If necessary, use headphones. It hasn't started yet. Now. This person is, precisely, from Ciudad Real. From Daimiel, which is where the whole gallery of antennas is located.

Dr. Sevillano: Solana and Alcázar are the ones that depend on the Manzanares station. Those are radiating every day.

Ricardo Delgado: Well, it has been interesting as many people hear it. You can find this video on the Telegram channel. Some people are keeping an eye out for that weird noise, that unlocatable Hum. It's not known where it's coming from, but that it coincides with the famous waves because it was also heard in the early 2020s, especially.

Dr. Sevillano: And we're already learning things, friends, using our little heads. Because if you wait for that Carballo guy to explain to you what Hum is... Ha! Or that Iker guy, who talks about the mystery of the Hum and blah, blah. Here is the explanation. The mystery of the Hum coincides with the coronavirus and its waves. Here we have discovered it.

Ricardo Delgado: He called it... To explain it, they gave it a technical name —these people are specialists in that—, and he called it skyquake. A kind of earthquake, but in the sky. Created by air currents that, when colliding, caused the noise.

Dr. Sevillano: If we investigate the word 'skyquake,' we'll discover when they were irradiating us. At what times they were occurring. Above all, in the last year. So you can see that we are discovering all this. And we already know, so we aren't so defenseless anymore, right? Because we already know. We won't be caught unaware.

We already know that when that sounds, most probably, it's because they're using the weather antennas to generate something weird, which is, probably, the famous waves.

They're probably preparing the damage. And when they think it's time to wipe everything out, there will be chemical clouds and antennae at the same time. And, then, people start getting sick. After having already prepared the ground, it's enough to have those two elements there, and that's all they need to finish it off. I'm telling you. But people are already getting sick. Don't forget that they're already making people sick. Already. They're already doing it.

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