La Quinta Columna: The fifth wave is being created through ionizing radiation and graphene

August 15, 2021

How does a virus make waves? How does a coronavirus have variants? All that is a globalist invention. All the pandemic has been nothing more than the product of attacking the population with military technology: electro-frequencies, graphene, and synthetic RNA to patent the human genome.

The goal of the 5G technology which never stopped being implemented during the confinements, was nothing more than making people sick and killing them under the guise of an agent whose existence hasn't been proven by any CDC in the world.

Geiger counters reveal that we're being irradiated by ionizing electromagnetic pulses. 

La Quinta Columna has already called for anyone who owns one of these counters to record the evidence of their measurements. If possible, send them the videos mentioning the day, time, and place where the pulses are registered.

In the following excerpt that Orwell City brings today, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgado report on the alleged "fifth wave."

Link: Rumble

Dr. Sevillano: Get a Geiger counter and start measuring. You're going to find out what's being done by using it. 

Ricardo Delgado: And the article on the multiplier effect of frequencies as well. Because with that, you already understand it. The regular microwave technology, the multiplier effect, and the fact that you get graphene oxide nanoparticles to multiply. They multiply the frequency to the ionization range. 

Dr. Sevillano: The whole set of articles plus the videos of the Geiger counters.  The one we had from yesterday and the one from today. Those two videos plus these three articles: the one from Canada*, which demonstrates what COVID is; the article on multiplication via suspended graphene; and the one on wave amplification. With that, you know that what they're doing is the fifth wave.

(*): The article will be shared in a future post as soon as La Quinta Columna uploads it to its official website. You can find the rest of the articles Dr. Sevillano and Ricardo talk about in the programs on their website. If you need an article in particular, send them a message or use the contact form on their website. 

With that, you say, 'Here you have the fifth wave. Or the delta variant. Here you have it.'

Have you seen how La Quinta Columna just gave you the answer to how the fifth wave is created? 

There you have people measuring and watching the needle oscillate. There's ionizing radiation there. And this corresponds to the headaches we're having. Diarrhea we're seeing in patients. The problems we're seeing. Because they've already started it. They're radiating, my friends. 

And when you see a distinctive sign of acute radiation, you say, 'What is this?' Diarrhea, snot, fever, muscle aches, fatigue... That's irradiation. We're being irradiated, my friends.

If this man, at a distance, is getting that signal, imagine those near the source that's emitting it.

That's if it isn't a localized thing. But it's multiplying depending on the density of graphene in the atmosphere. It's also possible. Cities, of course, are burned to a crisp. Planes just fly over them, generating this effect so that the charge on them is greater. 

And, surely, to make the multiplication even greater. Note that the pulses reach the limit. But, if they continue, they'll break the needle, you know? That given the registered pulses. They all have to be very powerful to do that. They go all the way to the end of the scale. I'm telling you. 

Here's the fifth wave. Here it is. Ionizing electromagnetic pulses thanks, surely, to the potentiation created by suspended graphene. That's why airplanes don't stop flying just when the waves start. 

Now, do we understand it or not?

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