URGENT: La Quinta Columna calls on people to record and share videos of Geiger counter measurements

August 14, 2021

New measurements made with analog Geiger counters have reached La Quinta Columna. As the video they showed yesterday, the latest ones they have received also show that there's ionizing radiation in the environment. 

This further reinforces the hypothesis made by Dr. José Luis Sevillano and biostatistician Ricardo Delgado regarding the true origin of the disease known as COVID-19.

The Spanish duo has several theories on the matter. A 5G antenna is supposed to emit non-ionizing radiation, and yet, Geiger counters reveal that these antennas are real weapons with which they are sickening and killing the world's population under the guise of a virus that has never been isolated, purified, or characterized

Among the theories that have been put forward, there's the possibility that the graphene in the environment ―spread by chemtrails― is being stimulated by the non-ionizing waves emitted by the 5G antennas. As well as the possibility that the antennas themselves have graphene plates or something in their structure that multiplies the signal placing it in the range of ionization.

This is a real concern. It's no longer just about graphene or about people, and almost everything is magnetic. No one thought that, at some point, ionizing type waves would ever be measured in the environment. The world's population is, literally, being irradiated and falling ill, thinking that because of a virus that no one can prove exists.

La Quinta Columna calls on all those who have an analog Geiger counter to record and share with their videos of the measurements they make. They should not forget to mention the place, day, and time when such videos are recorded. 

The audiovisual material must be sent directly to Ricardo Delgado's e-mail address: tutoronline@hotmail.es

The Spanish duo also asks that this information reaches Dr. Jane Ruby and Stew Peters, people who have been spreading their findings and have shown support since they learned of the Pfizer vial analysis carried out by Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid

This is urgent. We're talking about ionizing radiation, a type of radiation that should only be detected in X-ray rooms or nuclear power plants.

For more details on this vital information, Orwell City offers the video in English. Share this everywhere. Help raise awareness.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Well, there are... Remember, some people are making measurements with Geiger counters, which measure ionizing radiation. And, we've had a surprise again with what's appreciated. Let's take a look at that video. This one, here.

Man: Gentlemen, we're detecting huge pulses with a detector. See? These are pulses that are out of range. It's incredible. See? In the indicator, you can see that the needle stops a little bit, but when it pulses again, it goes to the red zone. There you see how the needle goes to the maximum and goes out of range. Man, we are getting scorched alive here. I had this radiation meter in storage. I bought it, at least, about twenty years ago, OK? And it was calibrated because a technician calibrated it for me. And well, this measures the pulses that are being thrown at us, OK? Well, here it is.

Woman: What day is today? August 11, 2021. 

Man: Look. Wow! Another very powerful one. Oh, my God! This is brutal! And they're radiating all the time. I mean, they're really irradiating us ionically. Come on, a salute.

Ricardo Delgado: This is interesting to take into consideration because we're talking about ionizing radiation. Probably, perhaps, using graphene as an amplifier to make a reduced frequency become something more amplified. But if this is confirmed, I think there would be easy elements to establish a claim. Because this is very tangible. Although, as of today, we know where they're going to go.

Dr. Sevillano: Of course. That's exactly the problem. Someone would say: 'What if we look for an expert?' Sure. Look for an expert who makes the measurements in front of the antennas ―as someone told me― and under-notary. Take note of the day, the place, the time, the conditions, the people denouncing. Hand it to someone who knows about this. And then file a complaint. But, where will this go? Of course, you can file lawsuits, I'm not saying you can't, but you find that the State is at the service of all these people (who irradiate us).

I tell you, our vision of the problem has hit the nail on the head. There you have it. We're being irradiated, Ricardo. It's not just a question of graphene. 

They're irradiating us, which confirms everything we have been saying in these programs. The pulses in the Geiger counters, there you have them. Pulses of ionizing radiation. So, this fits perfectly with the article from Canada that talked about similar damage between a COVID and an acute radiation syndromeIf we're being irradiated with ionizing waves, the same damage occurs. Although it could have already occurred with the non-ionizing one. Knowing how to pulse them, you figure out how to do it. Pulsing. If, in addition, they are energetic enough, obviously the damage is the same as of radiation sickness. They're exactly the same. 

So we have to share the information as we did with graphene so that people know about it. And send it to Jeff Peters*, this... What's this guy's name? And Dr. Ruby. Get these videos here to her and let her see that we're being irradiated, man. Tell the Americans about this.

(*): Dr. Sevillano is talking about Stew Peters from Red Voice Media.

Send the message that we not only have the meat, the rabbits, the arms, and everything magnetic, including that car covered with magnetic dust. I mean, it's not just that. It's that they're exposing us to ionizing radiations by pulses. 

Let them know! Let them know! Because it's not going to do any good to go to the notary to file a complaint. That won't work at all. 

Of course, whatever you say in 'petit comité' or in groups like that, the information will spread everywhere. And thanks to social networks, it can reach every place. And if you give very simple and clear information ―like that of the magnetic arms―, people get to know about it. Or try to get a counter of this type. 

Almost all Americans have these counters, you know? Because they have lived under nuclear threat for almost 60 years. So, since most people don't have a nuclear shelter, they have the device to know what's in the environment. So, they're going to detect it quickly. 

Let's ask them to keep an eye on the levels and look to see if it's registering pulses everywhere, as it's here. And that creates the same level of awareness as of graphene and magnetic arms. That way, the whole planet will know that they're doing this to us. So by doing that, we'll save people. Because whoever doubts if getting the vaccine or not, when they see that they're being killed with ionizing radiation will say, 'What is this?' It's no longer about rabbits or magnetic tea. This is that they're really irradiating us. 

First, we said that antennas were doing harm. Then, we discovered that magnetic arms existed. Then, we discovered that graphene multiplies signals to almost ionizing ranges. And, now, we discovered that there is ionizing radiation. The COVID waves correspond, perfectly, to our way of the disease. These people create waves whenever they want to. And how did we say they create them, Ricardo? With electromagnetic fields. 

Ricardo Delgado: Electromagnetic. 

Dr. Sevillano: But if on top of that they're radiating ionizing radiation and people have graphene in their bodies, well... They're more or less powerful electromagnetic fields, whether they do it with graphene or with something in the atmosphere like heavy metals. Whether they send the signals from above and we don't know where or from far away. The point is that the damage and the waves are created by electromagnetic fields. And, moreover, in a range that we did not expect. I didn't expect this, eh? I didn't expect ionizing fields. But there they are. So all this coincides perfectly with the article ―which if you don't have it, I'll send it to you― from Canada. So you can share it again on the...

Ricardo Delgado: On the official Telegram channel.

Dr. Sevillano: Yes. So that people can see that the article isn't from yesterday. It's from a while ago. And the damage is exactly that and corresponds to what we're seeing now. It never crossed our minds before that they might be irradiating with something ionizing. There you have it.

Ricardo Delgado: What I'm going to do is call on those people who may have a Geiger counter. Send in videos. Also, mention the time and the area where these people who may have this device are measuring. They will be very few because this device isn't so easy to get. They're usually collector's items or pieces that people have for a particular reason.

If you have comments for La Quinta Columna, then you can refer to their official website. Follow them on their official channels on TelegramInstagramYoutube and TwitchIf you want to contact directly, send them a message to: tutoronline@hotmail.es. Don't worry about the language barrier, they understand English and French.

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