La Quinta Columna on Neuromodulation and Brain Dysfunction Tsunami

July 17, 2021

Yesterday, La Quinta Columna was present for the fourth time in the Chilean radio program Dirección Correcta

The biostatistician Ricardo Delgado has already announced that several universities from different countries have joined their cause and are analyzing vaccination vials, and one of them is Chilean.

Dirección Correcta said that a special stream would be announced, at any moment, to inform about the analysis results. The Spanish researchers will be present in that program, of course.

In addition to this important information, La Quinta Columna devoted time explaining more about the tsunami of neurological dysfunctions announced by the globalist media, dysfunctions derived from the damage caused by graphene oxide and electromagnetic frequencies in the GHz range.

Orwell City offers below selected information in English.

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Ricardo Delgado: What does a multinational pharmaceutical corporation like Merck have to do with the world of graphene and neuromodulation? As you rightly said and as David Icke said, it is the proof of the crime. Somehow the evidence is exposed for the whole world to see.

This slide tells us about modulation through electromagnetic fields to induce certain brain states. And the brain states are, precisely, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and another deeper Delta that could be Delta Plus, right? Here we see states from very deep sleep to normal sleep or a state of relaxation. Notice the similarity of the names that, in fact, are the same as the supposed variants of which we speak, but from the biological point of view. 

For those of us involved in research, it is very clear to us what the meaning is. We are talking about neuromodulation. Different variants will neuromodulate different brain states. It is very likely not based on what we already know. 

Indeed, Inbrain's website, which means "inside the brain", tells us about neuromodulation, remote or wireless stimulation using electromagnetic fields. To do so, there is no other way (or perhaps it is the most feasible) using the technological infrastructure of 5G, which is being implemented. 

In addition, there is a connection between the pharmaceutical corporations with the directors of AstraZeneca, who in turn are the directors of the Graphene Flagship here in Europe. Inbrain is one of those institutions that was endowed with a large amount of money for the development of all this research.

Pablo Salinas (Dirección Correcta): There is something to do with the brain tsunami. Do you remember, Jorge, that we talked about this news a week or two ago? In it, curiously (well, things seem curious, but everything is for a reason) they talked about a meeting between scientists and doctors. That's the news. That meeting was held in Chile sponsored by Pfizer. Here in our country, we did not learn about this news, but, as we see there, it was through the Uruguayan newspaper El País. In June last month these scientists met and talked about COVID in the long term and that has to do with the brain tsunami that you two have been talking about. 

It attracts much attention. Fortunately, this article is even originally in Spanish, can you check the part below, Alejandro? It does not cease to attract attention because the repercussions of this so-called COVID in the long term have to do with absolutely neurological and psychiatric damage. I don't know if you can read it on screen, but it talks about a connection that the disease would have with insomnia, anxiety crises, and much more.

Ricardo Delgado: Psychosis, dementia, parkinsonism, cerebral infarction... Of course, here we have to ask ourselves when has a viral biological agent caused this type of neurological symptoms, and that it's starting to do so now, a year and a half after we've been dealing with it. What's the point of all this? We know perfectly well what this is all about. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: We have here, in this case, that there are two types of news. This one talks about the damage already caused by COVID, it talks about all this and about what could come for those who have already gone through it. That is to say, those who have overcome the disease may be left with sequelae, in addition to what they have suffered when they had it, right? 

But there is news that announces a brain tsunami that has more to do with the functioning of the neuron and not with the long-term neurodegenerative lesions. And in this brain tsunami that touches the function of the neuron (which is also announced in this news), it's a kind of storm or synaptic tsunami. 

Whatever it is, it not only degenerates the neuron, but it completely disrupts it, which makes you anxious, depressive, psychotic... In other words: you literally go crazy. With the danger that entails for a person. That's the tsunami they are announcing and not this one. This is another tsunami that someone has echoed the other one. The same terminology is used for journalistic language purposes, okay? But the tsunami they're announcing is one that talks about neuronal dysfunction and not neurodegeneration. And that neuronal dysfunction is more dangerous because that's the one that causes psychiatric problems like the ones Pablo mentioned. They're more dangerous because, in contrast, neurodegenerative problems are slowly evolving, less alarming and we can all see them over time, and they don't create an impact on society. But one thing that does create impact is people losing their minds. That's alarming. And when you see that, and you see it very abundantly, everyone will immediately say that it's COVID.

But be careful with that. Because if you have all the people vaccinated with the brain impregnated in graphene and exposed to antennas, whoever doesn't die will be affected

I think a lot of people will die, huh? I don't think everybody will die, but the ones that don't, if they start to lose their minds, then there's the perfect excuse to say that people need to be controlled and connected to an A.I. so they don't go crazy.  That's the tsunami that they announce. That's the tsunami that's alarming. Because it generates a great social alarm to see people losing their minds, whether they are young, old, or children. People behind all this will tell us, 'Relax, we have the solution. Here it is. There are neuro-rights. They are preserved, but you have to be connected with the A.I. to prevent you from hurting yourself and from hurting others.

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