COVID vaccine microphotographs by Salvador Pérez Martín: Graphene-derived structures

February 06, 2022

Recently, a new brief study with microphotographs of the contents of COVID vaccines went viral on social networks. It's a compilation of microphotographs taken by Salvador Pérez Martín, who invites more people to look at samples of COVID vaccines with a microscope.

These microphotographs show the same structures found by Dr. Pablo Campra, Dr. Martín Monteverde, Dr. Marcelo Dignani, Chilean researchers, and La Quinta Columna

More details are below, in the excerpt brought by Orwell City.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: I have told you, I have thanked Mr. Salvador Martín Pérez, a graduate in Nursing... Sorry, Salvador Pérez Martín. And let's see that study that, in addition, he's sharing by WhatsApp, in different chains of contacts, and so on. 

Source: DocDroid

WhatsApp. Shared on January 29th of this year. 

Important: Considering that the media and the authorities can lie to us, I decided to investigate the composition of vaccines.

I used a Bresser microscope with a 5-megapixel camera. Two health workers provided me with 8 sealed vials plus a 9th sample. Let's see 2 photomicrographs of a normal vaccine viewed at 125x and 500x magnification. Below are several microphotographs showing various foreign objects found in the nine analyzed vials. 

After consultation with experts, we now know what it's all about, and none of it should be there. Unfortunately, this is being injected into the entire population. Adolescents and children included, without their knowledge or consent. 

The images have been obtained with a 125x magnification lens and coincide with what was found by Dr. Campra Madrid in Spain, Dr. Martín Monteverde in Argentina, and also Dr. Marcelo Dignani in Argentina

This is the toxic material that continues to be injected into the entire population, including adolescents and children. Although more than 400 complaints have been filed in courts throughout Spain. Among them, two are mine. Scientists claim that they are heavy metals, carbon microtubes. As well as tapes, microfibers, and graphene sheets. None of these toxic materials should be there, as they're not included in the composition of any vaccine. 

In the meantime, the laboratories lie to us and enrich themselves. Those of you who already know these microphotographs with the content of the vaccines, share them with relatives, friends, or health colleagues. And let them verify with their own eyes the veracity of what's exposed here. 

I have nothing to gain and much to lose, but I owe myself to the truth and conscience. I volunteer to analyze samples or collaborate with them. Moreover, I yield my microscope to anyone who seeks the truth to unmask this great deception. To do so, a vial or a few drops of the vaccine that remains in the vials will suffice. 

Notice that even this man, a graduate in nursing, has had the balls to do it on his own. For which we are grateful. And once again, we insist and call on everyone to do the same. 

Remember, the invincible ignorance is forgiven by God and society. But conquerable ignorance, cowardice, is not. 

The authorities and the media may lie, I may lie, but microscopes don't lie. Are we going to close our eyes and allow them to inoculate our children and grandchildren with these toxins? Look with your own eyes under a microscope. 

Here appears... Here on the left. Clearly, this is an image of graphene. This one too. Let's see... Microbubbles. The famous ribbons that you've seen in real-time. More graphene. More ribbons. This is graphene too. Microtubules. This is part of a common matrix, and it's going into all vaccines, probably.

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