Dr. Pablo Campra on DNA crystals in COVID vaccines

February 07, 2022

Last Saturday, Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid was present at a COMUSAV conference together with other researchers such as Dr. Andreas Kalcker, Dr. Manuel Aparicio, and Dr. Pablo Chávez. 

In his presentation, Dr. Campra talked about the findings of DNA crystals in COVID vaccines. These crystals are related to the microtechnology that makes the appearance of MAC addresses possible. 

In the following excerpt that Orwell City brings today, you can learn some details of the progress of the investigations that he and other nanotechnology experts such as Mik Andersen of Corona2Inspect are conducting. 

Note: Dr. Campra's research can be found on his Research Gate profile.

Link: Rumble

Dr. Pablo Campra: And well, what I'll show is a PDF where I have all the photos of all these crystals

The important thing is Mik's link, from Corona2Inspect, where, with his correlation method —all backed by scientific literature since he says nothing that isn't published in the scientific literature—, he shows that they're DNA crystals, very, very, probably. The significance of this is immense. 

There you can see a little bit of circuitry that they have. It's, probably, graphene because graphene is a conductive material, superconductor, or semiconductor, or whatever. I'm not an expert on that. And that's part of the internal circuitry of these crystals. What's clear is that figures that are very similar to this one, for example... I have one here... All kinds of configurations. They can be made by changing the DNA sequence. And you can make all kinds of crystals for anything. Anything. 

What's curious here's what Colonel Chávez has said. What we have to explain are the Bluetooth signals and the MAC codes. And assume that as the starting hypothesis. Because if not, we can think that these are crystals of anything. Or even of the RNA of the Spike protein. But here the question is in explaining the Bluetooth signal. So, since we're seeing that there's a nano-hardware capable of doing that, that may be the clue that we're following. 

But well, here you have all this hanging around. Well, there's a question here that appears somewhat fuzzy, a giant crystal. That's where all these little crystals are coming from. This may be some kind of big source from which this is being assembled. Because another thing we have noticed is that there's one thing in the vials and another thing in the inoculated people. There's a self-assembly process in-vivo within the body that escapes immune control. We don't know how. 

Probably, with the mysterious hydrogel in which these crystals always appear embedded. For example, what you see here isn't water, but a hydrogel that remains desiccated. This hydrogel is probably made of nucleosides, nucleotides, and also polysaccharides. In other words, this isn't always water. And this is described in the literature as well. It kind of gives it certain conductive-electromagnetic properties, and it also protects the immune system. Because what these systems do is adhere to the inside of the vascular walls of the endothelium. And from that position, they control the system. 

Verónica del Castillo (COMUSAV): In what brands of vaccines did you find all this? I all of them? 

Dr. Pablo Campra: We're only seeing it in Pfizer at the moment. We're only looking at Pfizer. It looks like a cube here. I mean, it's cubic shapes, icosahedral shapes... There are all kinds of shapes. Interestingly, here's a different one, see? These here are Nano-routers. So, anyway. All this circuitry, really, has nothing to do with the official composition of the vaccine. 

Mik explains very well here that, inside all the channels that are made with ion jet is where the graphene is inserted. Which is the conductive material. It'd be better if he explained this. What happens is that he prefers to work quietly in the shadows and without any pressure. And he does a fantastic job. 

Here you see, for example, how these crystals come out of this source. It could be material like nucleotides, nucleosides, or any kind of germ.

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