Dr. Stuckelberger on the dangers of COVID vaccines

February 05, 2022

Another important point that Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger addressed in the interview she gave for the radio station El Mirador del Gallo was the danger posed by the misnamed vaccines. 

According to the doctor, and based on what's being seen in athletes and vaccinated people in general, this isn't a vaccine, but poison, and parents should refrain from getting their children vaccinated.

Orwell City brings the doctor's words to English in the following video.

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Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger: I want to say to the parents that this is... First, number one. It's not a vaccine. It's an experiment. Number one. And so, number two. This experimental vaccine is poison. Number three. This vaccination doesn't protect anybody. This vaccine does, actually, the opposite. It kills you. And it makes you sick. And we have proof now of numbers, everywhere in the world, of footballers, of sportspeople... It makes you sick, and it kills you. 

We know today that the people who are dying and in hospitals are people who have received the injection of the vaccine. It's not the people who aren't vaccinated. Unless they live with someone vaccinated, they can be sick sometimes. 

So, if you have vaccinated yourself, please leave the children alone because they're your future. Our future. And they have never been sick. There's nothing to worry about because children and babies aren't sick. And because of the vaccine, pregnant women who are vaccinated... Their children aren't normal, often. And they're sick when they're born. They have an infection. So there's a problem. Please don't touch the children. 

And on a note of hope... There's not the same thing in every vaccine. And so we cannot say that everybody's going to have a problem. (Those) who got to the vaccine. But I... There's hope for people who, today, do two things. They go and measure, in the hospital or in the laboratory, their D-dimer (level).  D - I (for iPhone). D - I - M - E - R. It's the toxicity of their blood, the coagulation, the micro thrombosis in their blood. It should be 500 or less. If it's more, it's dangerous. And so they measure D-dimer. And they measure CRP, the inflammation of their body. 

Even if (they feel) they're in good health, they aren't in good health. So, they have to measure this and show it to the doctor. And the doctor has to say, "You have to detox your blood." So there'll be an action. And we already talked of action. You know, with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, NAC, glutathione, and zinc.

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