Dr. Marcelo Dignani shows graphene oxide microtubules seen under optical microscopy

January 29, 2022

More and more researchers are daring to look at the contents of vaccination vials under a microscope. 

Recently, Argentine doctor Marcelo Dignani joined the cause and recorded what he observed with his old microscope. 

In his video, the doctor explains that, without a doubt, what can be seen are microtubules and graphene meshes and, as the Spanish researchers of La Quinta Columna have said, he warns that this is toxic.

Orwell City then brings Dr. Dignani's words into English.

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Dr. Marcelo Dignani: My name is Marcelo Dignani. I'm a doctor from the University of Buenos Aires. And the purpose of this video is to research. I'm curious. I want to warn the population. Do vaccines contain toxic graphene? Are we going to transhumanization through RNA to vary our genetics? We're going to evaluate it. And for that, I have material available here to observe. 

I'm going to use my old microscope that I bought when I was only 12 years old, working in the textile industry with my father and my brother. These are all histological samples. And pathology samples. 

These are parts of the microscope. Bibliography. Structures of the heart. This one has a problem in the left branch, which has metastasis. That's what can break, for example, the Bundle of His. 

This would be the fibrous conduction. Sinoatrial node and the ventricular atrium. All the yellow part would be the electrical conduction of the heart, which is what would be affected by the toxic graphene. 

We'll see if we find graphene, as did Dr. Campra Madrid, who did this final graphene detection report. And there are more than 60 publications are saying that graphene oxide is toxic to humans. 

Well, let's see the microscope, at the center of the screen. This microscope has eyepieces, objectives, a chariot stage on which the preparation moves. Here I have one of cardiac muscle. This is the condenser that goes up and down. And a diaphragm that opens and closes the light. Then we have the commands: the micrometer, and the macrometer next to it. We have a vial of an experimental inoculum, and we're going to put a couple of drops on a slide and see what can be seen. 

Well, we're looking at the inoculum of an experimental vaccine. An experimental vaccine. We're looking at it with a 15 eyepiece and a 9 objective. You see a lattice of free-floating nanotubes. 

This is a vaccine being applied to all of humanity. Look at how the nanotubules flow in the non-drying liquid of an experimental phase 3 inoculation. At first glance. 

These toxic compounds, very similar to graphene nanotubes, are in this inoculum. 

My God! God save us. God save us. 

Text: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” Edmund Burke.

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