La Quinta Columna issues report on microtechnology found in Pfizer vials

January 16, 2022

As announced at the time, La Quinta Columna has shared a report on their finding of graphene-like objects, self-assemblies, and microtechnology in 3 Pfizer vaccination vials.

Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado has announced that his team is will soon have the report available in several languages for subsequent dissemination in different countries.

Below, Orwell City brings to English the important information given by the Spanish researchers.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Good evening, everyone. La Quinta Columna has issued a report entitled "Identification of possible micro-technology and artificial patterns in Pfizer vaccines with optical microscopy," which you can download just below this video. And in which we collect the results of the optical microscopy analysis and photographic report of what was recently observed in the Pfizer vials. 

The report is supported by links to the scientific literature related to the research and object of study. It's further divided into three parts: 

    1. Observed objects with graphene-like appearance.
    2. Self-assembly of objects observed during the conducted research. And
    3. Identification of artificial patterns and micro-technology

In this report, we draw a series of final conclusions. And we also encourage the scientific and independent community to make similar observations, following the guidelines set out in this study. 

Links: La Quinta Columna | DocDroid

The file is in PDF format and is digitally signed. We consider the images to be particularly neat and clear. And we demand an explanation from the health and medical community that has been, and still, administering this target product to our civil society. As well as from the European Medicines Agency itself and other regulatory bodies. 

The report will be per the previous complaints presented with the preliminary report by Dr. Campra, dated June 2021, and the final technical report, also by Dr. Campra, dated November of the same year. La Quinta Columna asks our subscribers to spread the word. 

Soon, the report will be translated into other languages so that it becomes known and studied in other countries. Thank you all for your attention.

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