La Quinta Columna prepares a report on microtechnology in Pfizer's vaccine

January 12, 2022

La Quinta Columna has been working on a modest report to be finished within the week.

This new report focuses on the microtechnology found in 3 Pfizer vaccination vials and how it evolves when exposed to different types of radiation, such as electromagnetic and UV.

This report would be a new addition to those that have already been written to date, revealing the different objects found in vaccination vials. 

More details in the new video that Orwell City brings today.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Someone comments here, "A pediatrician in Lora del Río recommends vaccinating children since they won't be able to enter many places." 

A powerful argument, isn't it? Let's see if we can find out who the pediatrician is to present her part of the study that La Quinta Columna is conducting. We're going to share with you what we're doing. Above all, the photographic session. Let's see, just a moment. We hope to have it finished by tomorrow. Now. I think this is it. You guys see it, right? 

"Identification of possible micro-technology and artificial patterns in Pfizer vaccine with optical microscopy." 

Here's the objective of the research. The introduction of nanotechnology. How the whole terahertz band works. All the links. All this is possible through graphene. The used equipment: Haxon Aquiles II microscope and Haxon H-Aptina camera. The 3 vials with their respective lot numbers. 

Comparative samples with Dr. Campra's work which, of course, is mentioned. And from here, the graphene-like structures appear. Structures that you see now.

Let's see what that pediatrician will tell me when I take this report to her. Or what arguments she'll give me to vaccinate the children, aside from the fact that they won't be allowed to enter certain places. These are graphene-like objects. They're in the sample. 

You know that graphene... —very clear here— Graphene is necessary, precisely, to increase the hertz band —present in telephony— to terahertz. And for all the microtechnology that you're about to see to work. 

And Annex 2. "Visualization of self-assembly of objects in the sample." As the samples evolved, these types of objects were formed. I have taken the most characteristic ones to give me some kind of explanation. I have simply related. This zig-zag shape is very distinctive. We have simply collected the microscopic observation of what's inside the Pfizer vaccine. The one with which this pediatrician wants to vaccinate children. 

And then, annex 3: "Identification of artificial patterns in the sample and indications of biotechnology." Which is all this that you see here. This is seen once about 5 days had passed. Between 5 and 10 days, these types of objects were formed and seen with high-quality magnification. You can clearly see artificial details. Artificial patterns. And here, finally, we see a full-fledged circuit. It's very clear here. 

I don't know why... These pediatricians and doctors are so blithely recommending the vaccine when they haven't even looked at what it contains. Here we make use of the scientific literature. See? And the final conclusions. 

Well... Hopefully, tomorrow you'll have this report. So you can post and share it. And let's see if it reaches those pediatricians so that they become aware of what they're doing.

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