Identification of objects with graphenic patterns and microtechnology

December 26, 2021

In the program emitted a few hours ago, La Quinta Columna shared a new video with captures of what was observed from a Pfizer vial under optical microscopy. 

This time, the sample was subjected to ultraviolet light and, in addition, viewed in a dark field.

Below, Orwell City brings the video to English.

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Ricardo Delgado: So, without further ado, let's look at the images and comment on them. We'll make some pauses. We have used the microscope's dark field at the end of the video to characterize quite well, from the optical point of view, those graphene nanosheets... Sorry, those graphene micro-sheets that are very visible under the optical microscope. 

This is something that, unfortunately, no head of a hospital has done. They count with good microscopes to find out what they're injecting into the population. Today they have become the executioners and executors of this genocidal agenda called Agenda 2030.

An extermination agenda whose final purpose is introducing artificial intelligence, precisely, to behaviorally control the remaining population.

Let's watch the video.

Text from the video: Pfizer vaccine analysis, Haxon Aquiles II Optical Microscope. Identification of objects with graphenic patterns and microtechnology.

Ricardo Delgado: We have done some tests, such as stimulating the particles found through ultraviolet radiation. And what we have been able to observe is that, as time goes by, there's an evolution. Evolution in that technology was introduced in the vials.

As you can see, there's a series of... Let's call them "microparticles," together with a small sphere and a nanotube that serve as a cord to move in that hydrogel that remains impassive to the passage of time. It also maintains the state of the sample without evaporating.

You're looking at Pfizer vaccine's content. As you can see, many of these quadrangular structures are assembled through dots. Like this one, for example. This is very eye catching since it's key shaped.

This time we have used a high-quality magnification of between 600x and 800x.

And what is this? Huh? These are the famous carbon nano-octopuses.

This is the content of the Pfizer vaccine.

Please share this program. This is under Haxon Aquiles II optical microscope, dark field.

Here you're looking now at some self-assembly. Some artificial complexes that are introduced into the body via the Pfizer vaccine.

Graphene. A characteristic fold of the material. 

And this is another self-assembly formed inside the Pfizer vaccine. 


More graphene. More graphene. Notice how a dot is directing that quadrangular structure to generate the self-assembly. More graphene. More graphene. 

Another spore. 

More graphene. 

And this? 

More graphene. Magnified graphene. More graphene. You see, graphene per se is the raw material for all these more complex structures. More graphene. Now let's look at some structures under a dark field. More graphene. 

Now in darkfield. The material is very well characterized in the darkfield. It's characterized by its edges folded on themselves that are formed. Very clear. Even clearer. Crystal clear.

Text from the video: Open your eyes.

Ricardo Degado: Well, you have seen about 18 minutes of the nearly ten hours of observation,together with the 25 minutes of the other day, of this vaccine. It's 5 to 6 droplets in total from a Pfizer vial.

I'd implore all of you to share it directly. Download that video that's on La Quinta Columna's Telegram platform. Download the content and upload it in its entirety to your Facebook profile.

This is the content under the optical microscope of the Pfizer vaccine. According to the information we have from Dr. Campra in his Final technical report, it's graphene and microtechnology.

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