Electromagnetic fields, graphene oxide, and arrhythmias

January 10, 2022

As a superconductor, graphene oxide has an affinity for electrical activity, such as the heart. When impregnated into myocytes, the nanomaterial absorbs energy from external electromagnetic fields and produces changes in heartbeat, causing arrhythmias.

In the new video that Orwell City has brought to English, La Quinta Columna provides more details about this phenomenon.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: If you're observant enough, you'll have noticed that from 2021 onwards, soccer players, athletes, and sportsmen in general collapse and even die at the drop of a hat

According to our research, it's because of the graphene introduced in vaccines, which is considered a superconductor. 

When the heart becomes more active, its electrical conductivity increases too, and graphene heads there. What's more, it can generate arrhythmias through discharges depending on the radiation it absorbs from the environment

Let's see what happens when graphene permeates cardiac cells and is stimulated by external electromagnetic fields, such as those from the famous telephone antennas. Thay can alter the heart rhythm pattern through lethal arrhythmias. 

Video: Graphene in cardiac cells (myocytes) generates arrhythmia when stimulated with radiation. 

Text: Graphene in cardiac cells (myocytes) generates arrhythmia when stimulated with radiation.

Ricardo Delgado: This is what's happening. And it's the cause of the death and retirement of thousands of our athletes. 

Sincerely and sadly, and although I hate to say it, all people intoxicated by this vaccine are in danger of dying suddenly or at any time. Especially, when they increase their cardiac activity. Whether they are athletes or not.

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