Bad combo: Vaccines and Sports don't mix well

September 22, 2021

La Quinta Columna has referred, once again, to the cardiac side effects caused by the substance that many call 'vaccine'. On this occasion, the Spanish duo has prepared a short video with a compilation of news stories in which athletes have suffered cardiovascular sequelae or died as a result of the inoculation.

In this regard, Dr. José Luis Sevillano explains how graphene oxide causes different affections to the heart in a didactic way in the following video that Orwell City brings to English.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's see, precisely, how the sport and the vaccine interact. José Luis, do you recall that yesterday we read a scientific article that described how the cardiac cells could be modulated or stimulated remotely and wirelessly through photons and electromagnetic fields so that the pulse could be increased or decreased by three and so on by using the fashionable material called Graphene? Graphene oxide. 

What we're seeing is that people who practice sports with a certain frequency —even athletes—, are losing their lives and becoming seriously ill. We have prepared a brief report on the topic. We're going to show it now. 

Intro: Deaths and serious conditions in athletes caused by the "vaccine." Graphene inside the body kills. 


'I was vaccinated at 13:00, died at midnight': an athlete died after vaccination in Yaroslavl region. 

He gets vaccinated and goes to Spain: gym instructor dies of a heart attack. 

Marathon runner Alexaida Guédez dies of a heart attack. 

Tragic death of Carabobo runner Alexaida Guédez shocks the sports world. 

Pedro Obiang: 29-year-old professional soccer player suffers from myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccines, possible career end. 

Cyclist dies of a heart attack while cycling in Fuerteventura. 

MLK Trail runner saves life after heart attack in the middle of race. 

He worked at Bayern. The drama of the all-time leading scorer at World Cups. Miroslav Klose suffers a thrombosis and will no longer be able to manage. 

A volleyball player claims that the vaccine has caused her heart problems. 

Track star Cameron Burrell, godson of Carl Lewis dies tragically at age 26. 

Italy: Obiang suffers from myocarditis after vaccination, will only be able to play for 6 months. 

A 46-year-old participant in a triathlon in Palomera died. 

Kingsley Coman underwent surgery for a heart problem. 

Marílio Costa Leite (46 years old) died after taking Pfizer vax. 

Robert Lima died of cardiac arrest while playing soccer with friends. Australian swimming gold medalist Madison Wilson 27, has been admitted to hospital ICU unable to breath despite being fully vaccinated. 

MOVING CELLS AT WILL — Savchenko explains that it took the team a while to pinpoint the optimal graphene-based formulation. Then they had to find the best light source and a way to deliver that light to the graphene cell system. But eventually, they found a way to precisely control how much electricity the graphene generated by varying the intensity of the light they exposed it to. 

Outro: Graphene has an affinity for the electrical currents of the heart and acts on external electromagnetic fields remotely. 

Ricardo Delgado: People may think it's a coincidence, but we know there's something behind it. If they really have graphene inside, well... 

Dr. Sevillano: You see several models of problems. The heart, in general —for people to understand—, has about three elements. It's like the works. On the construction site, you have the masonry structure, the electrical wiring, and the plumbing. 

The plumbing is the crown wires. The wiring is what generates the polarization of all the ventricular and atrial mass, with a cadence, with a sequence. And then the wall, which is like the walls of the house. The walls are damaged because graphene looks for everything that has natural bio-electric activity. And, in addition, that's strong, powerful. All cells have it, but this ones are constantly depolarizing and polarizing. And there's an exaggerated activity compared to other tissues. And that's where the graphene goes blind. It's blindly looking for that type of tissue. It settles where it's best. If it's good, it stays there. It gets everywhere and gets into the conduction tissue, into the cables of the electrical network; it gets into the walls, it stays impregnating the walls. It goes inside, through the arteries, too. Evidently. And it damages the arteries. Then, the damage is going to be done at three levels.

All sudden deaths are, surely, caused by the conduction tissue. Almost certainly. Between that and the fact that the muscle tissue is compromised and also spontaneously generates currents, what happens is that they're slowed down by the depolarization that is commanded by the structures that usually 'produce' the impulse. But that, surely, as the graphene is excited, generates other types of currents and anomalous depolarizations. That's to say, that's for sure that it's hurting you the moment you're exposed to electromagnetic fields. For sure. 

Then you have to add myocarditis, which is damage to the myocyte, the heart muscle. There, graphene is certainly infiltrated per cell. As soon as it begins to be impregnated, it starts to damage the muscle fibers. Some of them start to die, and tissue inflammation begins. And then you have the coronary arteries which, when people are older and have them somewhat compromised, it's enough to have a little more of... Let's say density, thickness, pro-thrombogenicity in the blood so that as soon as you are close to one of those steel plates or whatever it is, you're already generating large thrombi. surely, with these types of problems, and people who fall due to myocarditis

In short, cardiologists must be sick of seeing myocarditis. But they won't say anything because they have the master answer: 'Yes, but more damage is done by the virus.' That's what they're going to tell you. They're seeing things happening, but they're not going to tell you that the vaccine is lousy and stop vaccinating and everything they're doing. They have the master answer: 'The virus does more damage.'

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