Grounding helps reduce damage from electromagnetic waves amplified by graphene

January 11, 2022

In the case of exposition to high non-ionizing radiation, a quick solution to avoid the adverse effects is to perform grounding and shield the place where you are.

La Quinta Columna gives some recommendations in the new excerpt that Orwell City has selected for its followers.

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Ricardo Delgado: Here is someone asking a question. It's been asked throughout the live stream. 

"Ricardo, how do I take care of irradiation rashes produced by graphene on a person? My grandfather is 87 years old —if it's, indeed, caused by graphene—. The whole family pushed him to get inoculated and now has abandoned him. I'm giving him CDS —I guess— since he recently developed meningoencephalitis." 

He can protect himself from radiation. We have always recommended vitamin D as an effective antioxidant to degrade graphene. And, in addition, shield the place where he lives. Let him do grounding. Wash his feet with water and salt, for example.

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, grounding. Especially shielding so that no waves reach him. And you can somehow avoid them. You must protect yourself. Pay attention to where the injuries are. If they're on the arms or on the chest, etc. You know that there are things that... What are they called? They're to cover his chest or arms. That, depending on where the rashes are. Cover those areas with some kind of garment that prevents the waves from passing through the skin.

With this type of lesion, it's not so easy to prove, let's say, that they are produced by radiation. It's not easy when it comes to skin lesions. They have to be associated with other symptoms in general, such as fatigue, headaches, among other things.

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