Identification of graphene, self-assemblies, and micro-technology

January 09, 2022

La Quinta Columna shares new optical microscopy images of graphene, self-assemblies, and microtechnology. 

This is a good summary to share with those who aren't yet aware of what's being injected into people's bodies.

More details in the video that Orwell City brings on this occasion.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's watch the video. As I say, it's divided into three parts: 1. Identification of graphene-like objects. All of them very clear. Very. 2. Identification or visualization of self-assembled structures. 3. And finally, Identification of artificial patterns and microtechnology. Let's proceed. 

Video: Picture gallery of the COMIRNATY Pfizer "vaccine." Optical microscope Haxon Aquiles II Graphene, self-assemblies, and microtechnology. Graphene identification in the samples. 

Ricardo Delgado: Well, right now, we're looking at the typical graphene floating in that famous hydrogel. We're aware of why the samples were kept in very special conditions. And it was so that that hydrogel wouldn't easily evaporate. See? Now we do understand it all, logically. Graphene has some very characteristic features, such as folds. Its edges are usually folded in on themselves. You're looking at a mix of photographs and videos. 

Those people who are watching the video through Facebook, please share. It's very clear as well Clearly, none of these types of objects should be in the vaccine. You already know what they are, too. And it's that they shouldn't be seen under the optical microscope either, at a minimum amount of magnification. It's very clear as well. Today we're playing a little bit with relief when it comes to focusing. 

No, graphene isn't the one self-assembling. Other structures are assembled or self-assembled. Graphene is there to radiate, to multiply the gigahertz radiation coming from telephone antennas. And so that these self-assembled structures —which are the ones we're going to see now— can join and work. Okay? Identification of self-assemblies. Because they work in the terahertz band. So what graphene does is amplify that signal. This, clearly, is the union or the self-assembly of three different structures. Here they're arranged in a zigzag pattern. Just as we saw recently in papers in the scientific literature.

Here comes another one. The one on the left is on its way to join that tangle. And they, then, will form microcircuits inside the body. Get it? And of course, I'm telling you right now, all the scientific literature that's collected regarding crystallization of salts, like the sucrose that's supposedly in the vaccine, has nothing to do with this. Absolutely nothing to do with it. Here we see a little piece of it too. 

We suspect that the mechanism by which this self-assembly takes place is teslaphoresis. That is external electromagnetic fields. The radiation of the environment itself. Different frequency qualities are being radiated right now, as you know. Here on the right is another one. 

These are images that might initially go unnoticed. However, once we understand the knowledge of the scientific literature behind it... And well, that's pretty much what we've seen live. These images are quite striking. Especially the last ones that correspond to artificial patterns. And I can tell you that, as this information is presented to the population, even to the most "covidian" one, if I may use the term, tend to wake up easily as they progressively assimilate the hypnosis to which they have been subjected by the media... That's graphene too. By the official media. 

We know that the flu vaccine of the 2019/2020 campaign intended for our elderly —especially the Chiromas vaccine, which we also analyzed under the microscope at the time— practically only carried graphene. This, to be able to carry out irradiation and produce bilateral pneumonia. Graphene in more quantity. 

However, these not only carry graphene, but they also carry, as you can see, all this artillery. Here you see that the bottom piece is getting closer to the one above. And in the next frame, you can see how they've already joined. See? 

This is called the self-assembly of two-dimensional materials. They're practically... We can say, two-dimensional in this sense. Identification of artificial patterns and microtechnology in the sample. Now, artificial pattern identification. You saw that at the time live. 

And what some people have done is to edit this video with my voice, and put a kind of white circle instead. And it's a video that's going viral thanks to the National Intelligence Agency and the Government. They're making it viral to continue confusing and discrediting the message of La Quinta Columna. That's what's being done. 

Here we change the filter to make it something better. 

If you look at the edges —you'll see in that angularity— that this is an artificial object. It's not a crystallization, as some people wanted to make people believe at the time. That is, for some people everything is valid to try to misinform and discredit the vast research work that we carry in La Quinta Columna. Next, you're going to see objects different from the ones we have been observing during these days. 

It's possible. You ask me, over there, if a drop of blood would evolve. What blood will do is form the clumping of the erythrocytes (red blood cells). Just as we see in the blood of those vaccinated. Which is another analysis we have pending among all the tasks we have to perform. Why? Because the graphene precisely introduced in the vaccine absorbs radiation and multiplies it. So, in a way, the consequence obtained is the famous rouleaux effect. 

Here you can clearly see what would be components. These are components that look like part of some circuitry. 

We show the angles well so that you can see that this clearly responds to an artificial device, let's say. And it has nothing to do, far from it, with crystallization or an arrangement of salts. Salts don't crystallize like that. Especially not sucrose. You can also look it up in the scientific literature that you'll find on Google. What's more, you can take a photograph of these and ask Google what it is. You'll be redirected to circuitry and nanotechnology companies. Somehow, as they're saying in the chat, all they've done is give us more credit. They're that clumsy. 

"They look like diodes," someone commented here. Some nano-rectennas have diode rectification bridges to go from DC to AC, so all this stuff can work. That's likely. Obviously, this is microtechnology. This is what was covering up or what was covering up, what was hiding, that famous hydrogel. And that's why they had to keep it at a particularly cold temperature. So that the evaporation of the sample wouldn't continue, and this could be observed. As had already happened, for example, in Japan. And you already know that in that country, millions of vaccine batches were withdrawn. Batches from Moderna. 

Here you see this with more than 1000 magnification right now. 

I've tried magnets close to it. I've tried exposing it to ultraviolet radiation stimulation. We have to keep testing. But bear in mind that the magnetic effect, above all, is produced inside the body in contact with hydrogen. If we put it in the microwave —apart from evaporation— surely something could happen. It could. But anyway, when we put it inside the microwave or leave it outside the house with the quality of frequencies and the volts per meter that are being emitted at this very moment —as we already did the tests—, we saw that practically the same thing was happening. 

Here it's very clear. 

There it's a little bit more evolved as time goes by. Let's say that the sample evolves. This is also found quite a bit in the scientific literature. Quite frequently. It can be about 50 microns in size. Between 50 and 100 microns wide. 

Obviously, the crystallization of materials or salts doesn't occur in this way. And finally, the more elaborated image as time has passed. 

Video: This is the real content of the COMIRNATY Pfizer vaccine. Share this with everyone around you. 

Ricardo Delgado: Well. This video... It's been posted on the Telegram channel of La Quinta Columna. And what we ask from here is that you download it and show it to people around you. Acquaintances and relatives. And, of course, post it on your social networks.

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