How to treat symptoms caused by non-ionizing radiation

November 28, 2021

As exposure to radiation emitted by telephone antennas increases, more concern arises about how to protect oneself from it to avoid short-, medium-, and long-term damage to one's health.

Recently, Dr. Sevillano was asked how to treat the symptoms resulting from exposure to non-ionizing radiation and how to decrease exposure to it.

There are many ways, the quickest being grounding and others that Dr. Sevillano suggests in the following video that Orwell City brings to English on this occasion.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: "Dr. Sevillano, how to treat the symptoms of irradiation?" And we're talking about, it's assumed, the non-ionizing type, the one emitted by telephone antennas. 

Dr. Sevillano: That's right. 

Well, generically, globally, by grounding. And avoiding radiation. That's to say, to stay away from this type of electromagnetic field. If they're intense, if you live nearby, you have to move away from them. If it's not possible to move away, ground yourself and shield as much as you can. Shiled the house and the places where you live. 

And then, you have to see where, specifically, the damages are. What are the damages you have? Neurological? Osteomuscular? Visceral? You have to pay attention because, depending on that, maybe you can do something more about it. 

But avoid them as much as possible. That's to say, to stay away from them as much as possible. And if you can't get away, then put barriers between you and the antenna, so there's no collision, so there's no sweep. You have to put barriers. And do as much grounding as you can. As much as you can because the body is charged. It gets charged. The charges are distributed in an anomalous way in your body. And they start to do the same as this woman before: fasciculations, which are rhythmic discharges of the muscles. That's to say: strange things. 

"And what's the origin of what's happening to me?" Well, there's probably an antenna nearby. In other words, you have to avoid proximity. If you cannot avoid it, then shield. That's to say, putting barriers between you and the antenna. 

And there are different ways. Ricardo has already told you some methods. Like painting with paints that avoid or reject electromagnetic waves. Maybe you can cover picture frames with aluminum. By using orgonites. 

We'll see if we do a program about organists, one of these days, with a woman who I've been told is an expert. A woman who even offers courses on making orgonites. She makes these kinds of things that can absorb signals. They absorb energy, after all. And anything that absorbs energy removes the dirty energy that's, literally, killing you. Energy that's making you sick, that's sweeping you away. 

So, do everything you can do to put barriers between you and the signal when you can't get away from them. And do grounding. And then, of course, when there's damage somewhere in your body, you have to go to the doctor. You have no choice because the waves can create a tumor, inflammatory rheumatism... Gastroenteritis of those that make you have diarrhea for a long time. Or you can have a psychological problem. It can trigger anything. Neurodegenerative damage... When that radiation is there for years, it ends up damaging you.

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