Dr. Sevillano explains three different types of post-inoculation heart damage

November 27, 2021

Given that there are variations in the type of heart damage people suffer post-inoculation, Dr. Sevillano explained how toxicants, such as graphene oxide, would affect the organ in charge of pumping blood.

Below, Orwell City brings Dr. Sevillano's words.

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Ricardo Delgado: From Austin, Texas. Esther asks: "Could Dr. Sevillano explain the difference between myocarditis, arrhythmia, and heart attack? Many kisses." This is a medical question.

Dr. Sevillano: It's very simple. Consider the heart as if it were a house. The walls are the myocardium, the pipes are the arteries, and the electricity is the cardiac impulse conduction system. And depending on where the graphene affects them, you have myocarditis, in which the walls of the house are affected. A heart attack if it's affecting the coronary arteries, which are clogged by a thrombus, by an atheroma plaque. And then you have an arrhythmia if the conduction system is affected. In other words, the electricity. That's the difference.

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