Regarding the Campra report: If an entity chosen by the government will perform the counter-analysis, La Quinta Columna will demand transparency and to be present during the process

November 14, 2021


One of the most asked questions about what comes next, after the technical report has been published and explained by Dr. Pablo Campra himself, is what would happen if the judges order a counter-analysis and the results mysteriously show that there's no graphene? It is quite a high possibility given the situations we are facing and, therefore, La Quinta Columna says it is prepared for that scenario and will demand to be present throughout the process of counter-analysis, to ensure the transparency of the process.

Orwell City brings the words of the Spanish researchers to English.

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Ricardo Delgado: Another question from Cantabria. Maria asks what would happen if after the judges admitted these complaints, would they have to re-analyze the vaccines? What if someone found a way to ensure that no graphene was found in them?

Dr. Sevillano: Very good question. Yes, there would certainly be a counter-analysis of the material that has been saved, of the vaccines that Campra has analyzed. There would have to be expertise, that is, a new analysis ordered by the judge. And, in that case, you're absolutely right. I wouldn't let those vaccines be analyzed without being present. I wouldn't allow it. 

I'd tell the judge, 'I want to be present for the whole process.' 'Why?' 'Because I don't trust the professionals that you choose.' It's as simple as that. 'I say it that simple because we're talking about the intoxication of the whole society, of all the people, ordered by governments. How am I going to trust the person that you are going to make to do the counter-analysis? I want to be there and see with my own eyes what he is doing.' 

You're absolutely right. Today we can no longer trust even the justice system. That's why, if they do something someday, we have to take measures so that nobody sabotages justice. I'm not saying that judges do it. I'm saying that whoever they send to do the counter analysis... These people can act quickly when they know who's going to do it. There you have the influence you know who saying: 'Either you do and say what I tell you or I kill you.' Or whatever. He can be threatened or coerced, and that's what we're not going to tolerate. Of course, to sabotage us by telling the court that there's nothing in that vaccine that we have analyzed is what they will try to do, but we'll be very vigilant so that they don't do that.

Ricardo Delgado: As far as we can say, out of the seven that have arrived, four from Pfizer, one from AstraZeneca, one from Morena, and one from Jansen. In all seven graphene oxide has been found. In other words, this is very representative from a statistical point of view, even though we don't have a batch of one hundred vaccines analyzed. Seven out of seven that have been taken, in all of them, graphene oxide was found. Therefore...

Dr. Sevillano: And because we haven't computed all the vaccines that have been seen under the microscope on the planet since then. How many people have seen it and did not want to disclose it? Do you understand? A lot of places have seen that. And under the optical microscope. But no, what counts in front of a court of law are the evidence, the counter-analyses, etc. And the scientific evidence. And, of course, the person who's messing you up can go. He knows everything., He'll know everything. Everything. And when they send whoever it is to counter-analyze, that individual is already warned. You say that you haven't found anything in it, OK?' Do you understand? Perfectly, they could coerce people. How can they not coerce them? People are being killed, man. They're capable of doing anything.

Ricardo Delgado: Examine that lot, which is the one that we know won't harm us.

Dr. Sevillano: Sure, for example. 'Examine another one.' But it could even be that the same vaccines that you have stored just in case, someone wants to test them. And they take those same vials of yours. The guy in charge of the counter-analysis looks at the microscope and will say there's nothing and write a report saying there's nothing. Just like I'm telling you. And it's his word against Pablo's, Dr. Campra's word.

Ricardo Delgado: Let's not give them ideas.

Dr. Sevillano: You don't have to give them any. It's just that they can go to that extreme, even to neutralize this report. But in the meantime, there will be people looking under the microscope at what's in the vaccine and in other things all over the planet. So, in the end, even if there are barriers from one side or the other, people will know what the vaccine is. Don't forget that this is an operation of the whole population, of all the governments, and don't think that they don't have the means to... That's why I have no interest in justice... Sorry, faith that justice can intervene. But they have to know because, maybe, we will find somebody and they'll help us properly. Everybody has to know what's in the vaccines: judges and so on. Because the message is addressed to people, not to professions and professionals. It's directed at people. 

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