Funeral home worker's testimony on COVID deaths

November 15, 2021

In addition to questions, La Quinta Columna also receives solid evidence about the reality of the plandemic. The most recent was from a funeral home worker who says that the causes of death, for which she keeps statistics, coincide with what graphene oxide produces in inoculates.

More details in the video that Orwell City has prepared.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: This testimony is very interesting. Vivi says: 'I work in a funeral home, and I keep statistics regarding the information I receive from you. At least six months ago, we were attending to deceased people between 39 and 59 years old, all of them vaccinated. Causes of death: thrombi, sudden cancers, fetal deaths in vaccinated mothers, etc. Every time I'm convinced that I'm in the right place, and it's with you.' 

Dr. Sevillano: Thank you very much for the testimony because it deserves to be in a scientific journal. Don't worry, they won't publish it. These are the testimonies that interest us because we don't need criteria from I don't know what study, from what magazine. No, you tell me, you who live in contact with the dead and the sick what you're seeing. 

This information is worth gold. This is worth gold. This is good information. They don't give it to you on TV or anywhere else because it screws them up. Except by accident. As happened the other day with Carballo. That skating in front of everyone with the ICUs issue. This is the information you can, let's say, trust. That's to say, someone works in the profession, they're looking at it, and they tell you about it. That's the best information because officialism gives you false information because they're using their media to deceive the people. 

 On the other hand, the people below, what do they gain from this by saying what they're experiencing? Nothing. And anonymously. Nothing. But they trust you with it because you're like them, that you're sharing information for the whole world to feed off of. What this lady says corresponds effectively to what we're doing and what we're seeing, because everyone who has contact with us shares very similar information with us. Then, when you contrast different sources and you see that they coincide, you say, 'The information is valid.' 

Thank you for your testimony.

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