La Quinta Columna: Vaccination vial test results to be released next week

June 20, 2021

Source: El Diestro

"La Quinta Columna has ordered an analysis of the composition of the vaccine and will offer the results next week, although it anticipates that, as far as they already know, we could be facing "state terrorism".

La Quinta Columna, directed by biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, can offer next week one of the most important news of recent times, given that, as he has announced, they have managed to get hold of one of the vaccines that the government intends to inoculate us with and has had it analyzed.

When we spoke to Ricardo, he told us that, although the official results will be offered next week, he is already aware of them and they are not at all out of line with what he and Dr. José Luis Sevillano have been reporting and announcing through their channel.

And although we have already received some information, we prefer Ricardo himself to provide all the data with the documentation sent by the experts to whom he has commissioned the analysis of this experimental concoction. What we can say is that the expression he used when he spoke to us about everything that could be contained in this potpourri was that "we could be facing a clear case of state terrorism", that is nothing.

From our point of view, it is essential that all the information that comes out on this matter is shared and disseminated among as many people as possible. Let us remember that many grandparents have already fallen and now they intend to go after the children. We must not allow it."

(Translated news).

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