La Quinta Columna: Graphene is being injected into the population through the vaccines and PCR tests

June 02, 2021

La Quinta Columna has been working with his team, including Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano trying to decypher the component in the vaccines that makes people magnetic. They have hypothesized that graphene would be responsible for the phenomenon and today, they have released a new report about a video they prepared and expect going viral.

Good afternoon everyone. I am going to upload now the tenth video, very shocking this one, of magnetized people. Magnetism and detection, plus a quite important information regarding graphene. Ok, we know, we all have to denounce it. I ask you to please download the video that will be uploaded in its entirety for downloading from La Quinta Columna's Telegram channel in the next following 5 minutes.

Download and upload it to each of your Facebook profiles or to your Instagram accounts, at least. We will also upload it to Odysee and LoveoTV for you to choose the one you want to share on your WhatsApp status, Twitter, and so on. To all the social networks banging on about magnetism and graphene introduced in these intranasal vaccines, PCR tests, etc.

All of this is extremely important because we have already located even the companies that have done it. All right. Best regards to all of you and go ahead.

—Ricardo Delgado

Orwell City has translated and subtitled this important message in the hope that it reached the English-speaking countries.

Links: Rumble | LoveoTV

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