Dr. José Luis Sevillano calls on people to continue recording magnetic arm videos

June 06, 2021

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We are asking the health authorities about something that concerns mass vaccination. A strange effect which is of such a caliber, of such a number of people, that it concerns, since the authorities cannot turn a blind eye. 

We are waiting for the Minister, for the President of the Government, for that of the WHO, for the health authorities. We are waiting for them. Until they are the ones to give an answer, the magnetic arms are being recorded all over the planet and will continue to be recorded

That is our appeal. Here you must have to see one thing: that there is a biological magnetic phenomenon that did not exist before this, that is happening. 

Then, something has happened in this world in the last few months that is making us magnetic and at the moment we don't know anything more than that. It is a fact. And we stick to the facts. 

We know that people are becoming magnetic for some time now. We have noticed it lately, but we don't know since when. And we don't know what the cause or causes of this are. We are investigating, and a curious thing and a very certain thing, is that vaccinated people have this phenomenon localized at the point of inoculation and it also moves over time. We have been able to see that because there are many cases of people who leave their videos. And at the same time we are seeing people who have not been inoculated, who also present magnetism of the thorax up here. 

We do not know by which routes, we suppose that it goes by the inhaled route, we do not know. But the authorities will also have to explain this, but a little later on, because now what we are interested in knowing is why those who have been jabbed —there is a high percentage—, we do not know which one, what exactly it is-, why these people show magnetism at the point of inoculation and why it also moves.

—Dr. José Luis Sevillano.

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