Magnetic Wall

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Many people around the world have been affected by the pseudo-magnetism derived from the interaction of graphene oxide with the hydrogen present in biomolecules, once inside the human body, as explained by Dr. José Luis Sevillano and biostatistician and founder of La Quinta Columna Ricardo Delgado.

Because so many people are affected by this anomalous side effect, La Quinta Columna makes a daily compilation of the videos that many of the same people who appear in these videos send them. These videos are a kind of tribute to those victims of this experimental drug (because it is not a vaccine at all, it does not meet the definition of a vaccine at all).

These videos are intended to open the eyes of those who still believe that this pseudo-magnetism does not exist or that it is a joke that everyone decided to make simultaneously in order to annoy governments and their rotten allies: the mass media.

The goal of these videos is to flood as many social networks as possible in order to get the authorities to stop the mass vaccination operation, a far-fetched motion given the number of side effects and deaths to date. The people featured in these videos send a desperate cry to be taken into account. They do not deserve to live with a magnetic arm and see their quality of human beings degraded in this way. Human beings are organic, not a hybrid between the living and the artificial. This is, without a pinch of irony, an attack on humanity, and it must be stopped as soon as possible.

If you are one of those people who today suffer from this strange pseudo-magnetism, join the especial Telegram group Dr. José Luis Sevillano and biostatistician Ricardo Delgado have created for those who want to share a video proving the phenomenon is real. Bear in mind that that group is only for people who are suffering this pseudo-magnetism. If you want to join the general channel, you'll have to click this link instead. La Quinta Columna is supporting all these people by putting pressure on the authorities, so that they dare to show their faces once and for all and give the corresponding answers.