Radiomedicine specialist explains risks of radiation emitted by cell phones

March 11, 2022

In a new video recorded by a radiomedicine specialist, it is advised that the ideal is to keep the cell phone turned off to prevent health risks.

As Dr. Wilfredo Stokes has previously warned, the non-ionizing radiation emitted by devices used daily exceeds what the brain can tolerate.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano has also explained that the excess of non-ionizing radiation triggers a condition very similar to ARS, which today has been renamed COVID to distract people from the real triggers.

Orwell City brings the specialist's words into English.

Link: Rumble

Radiomedicine specialist: How are you? Good morning. Well, this sound, which you may be hearing —it's very annoying—, is the equipment we have here in the Integrative Radiomedicine department to measure radiofrequencies. Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. In this case, from a cell phone. 

If you notice, here it shows 1 mV, 2.1 mV, or 2.4 mV. And, sometimes, there's a peak of 35 mV when a call is received. There are peaks of up to 50 mV or 120 mV if I'm near a transmitting antenna. 

Look how complex this is because the brain tolerates only up to 0.2 mV. And we're talking about peaks of up to 50 mV. This is common. 

So be very careful. What are you doing with the cell phone? I'm going to turn this off because it's a bit annoying. Those are the radiations in milliwatts per square meter, see? Exceeding, easily, 100 to 1000 times what the brain can tolerate. It's basically that. 

So turn off your cell phone. Don't carry it in your pocket. Don't use it as an alarm clock, and don't sleep with it. A hug for you all, and I hope this helps you. Have a nice day.

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