Dr. José Luis Gettor on the adverse effects of prolonged mask use in children

March 07, 2022

In a new live stream, Dr. José Luis Gettor briefly referred to the short-, medium- and long-term adverse effects of prolonged mask use in children.

Although many people do not notice it, some damages can become irreversible, such as the death of neurons and a decrease in IQ during children's development.

Orwell City brings the words of the Argentinean emergency physician into English for its followers.

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Dr. José Luis Gettor: Children, moreover, have an oxygen consumption that goes from two to three and more times that of an adult. This is very easy. While an adult has 60 beats per minute, a child has 120. 

Why? Because he needs more oxygen; because he has an increased metabolism; because he's growing; because he's developing, and the cell needs more food. The cell's food is oxygen. 

It's indeed harmful to cover a child's face so that he doesn't breathe. 

Some will say to me, "Doctor, but I see many children who breathe with it, and it doesn't hurt them." 

What type of harm are we talking about? 

We can talk about immediate harm, which I have seen. I've seen them: loss of consciousness, head trauma, seizures, delirium. I have seen this because I attend 20 schools here in San Rafael. These are immediate damages, but we can also talk about mid-term damages. 

Mid-term damage includes depersonalization, lack of facial expression, not communicating with the teacher or classmates. These are mid-term damages, which can be seen after a few weeks. 

And there are also long-term damages, which have been studied. There's research done by Margareta Griesz-Brisson, who's a German neurophysiologist on long-term damage in children. Because of this chronic hypoxia. And with the consequence of hypercapnia. 

Hypoxia is the lack of oxygen. Hypercapnia is excess carbon dioxide. Excess carbon dioxide kills neurons. And children, as time goes by... Tests have been done, for example, in Asian countries. In China, masks has been used for decades. And it can be seen how children's IQ decreases over time. It's important to see who's interested in children not having a high IQ.

 I'll defend until the last day of my life that human beings need oxygen to be able to live.

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