Dr. Martín Monteverde on EMF radiation emitted by mobile phones

March 15, 2022

Dr. Martín Monteverde has shared a video in which he uses an electromagnetic field meter to measure the radiation we're exposed to when we have cell phone mobile data activated versus what we are exposed to when we only use WiFi.

The conclusions of his experiment show that we should avoid as much as possible the use of mobile data since there are times when they reach 80 microwatts per square meter. The ideal should be less than one.

Orwell City brings the words of the Argentinean doctor.


  1. Radiomedicine specialist explains risks of radiation emitted by cell phones

Link: Rumble

Dr. Martín Monteverde: Hello, my name is Martín Monteverde. I'm watching La Quinta Columna program with the radiation meter next to me. 

There you see that in the red band peaks of 49 - 50 µW are being displayed. It reached 80 - 90 µW when I measured yesterday. And now I'm recording it so you can all see how the pulses are coming into my cell phone. 

There it is, 52 µW. These pulses are damaging to health. They generate terrible damage. That measurement should be below 1 µW. That's microwatts per square centimeter. Look at how I'm being irradiated because I'm watching La Quinta Columna program with my cellphone using mobile data. See? So I'm being radiated from the antenna with the mobile data. 49 µW. I tell you, yesterday I was getting 80 - 90 µW. 

 And now you're going to see what happens when I disconnect the mobile data and the cell phone stays connected to my home WiFi. Look what happens. 60 µW. Alright. Let's turn on the WiFi. Let's see if it activates. And let's deactivate the mobile data. Let's see what happens. 

Notice how the radiation is decreasing. From 60 µW it's down to 3-2 µW. Evidently, it continues to decrease. And it's going to measure something close to 1 µW. 

For this reason, I want to say to all the people who are in this battle denouncing what's happening with the vaccine, antennas, and graphene, and to all those who are in dissidence —well, in the real dissidence—: try not to use the mobile data on your cell phone because our phones are all marked. 

And every time we use mobile data to call a colleage or to watch a program like La Quinta Columna, from the antennas, they emit pulses of radiation to us and to our cell phone. But it affects us tremendously. And if you have your child nearby, it also affects your family and everyone nearby. 

So don't use mobile data. Try to use WiFi, if possible, 24 hours or whenever you use your cell phone. Well, a hug for you all.

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