La Quinta Columna comments on new video of a black-eyed baby

March 01, 2022

Visual records of babies of inoculated parents are increasing as the months go by. 

Recently, La Quinta Columna has been sent a new video of a new baby with black eyes and that, in addition, presents certain features of aging.

As already reported by Dr. Viviane Brunet, the Spanish researchers agree that these babies with strange characteristics are the product of the strange nanomaterials and components yet to be discovered in the COVID vaccines.

More details on this new case are below, in the new video that Orwell City has prepared for today.


  1. Dr. Viviane Brunet on black-eyes babies
  2. Dr. Viviane Brunet on the side-effects of the COVID vaccines in pregnant women

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: We're going to see a video that has been sent to us of a child, supposedly, of vaccinated parents. As we always say, we take it with a pinch of salt because nowadays there are many... The truth is that the child looks very strange. Many applications on the cell phone can easily change facial features, among other things, though. So, he looks like a child with black eyes and an aged appearance. He actually has an old-looking face. Let's take a look at it. It catches the eye. 

Woman: Alex, buddy. Alex. 

Ricardo Delgado: That's it. It doesn't last any longer, but I'm going to play it again. 

I see like he's got a big nose, doesn't he? It's like he's got an aged face. A metabolism... And the black eyes aren't normal. 

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, it's that you also see black eyes. I'm telling you. But we already know that. Having seen what's in there (in the vaccines)... And we still don't know what's in there at all, by the way. 

I'm going to go back and put another drop to see if what I'm seeing is contamination or something else because I'm hallucinating with everything I see. This is impressive. How could something like that not happen? Imagine that this is visible to the eye. I mean, you can imagine at the molecular level what can be in there, what can mutate and do everything

I mean, nothing surprises me anymore. Nothing surprises us anymore. Whoever is surprised by all this is because, frankly, they haven't heard anything.

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