Dr. Wilfredo Stokes on populated sectors exposed to high non-ionizing radiation

March 17, 2022

Guatemalan doctor and researcher Wilfredo Stokes shared a series of videos yesterday, March 16. The doctor denounced the situation of people in a small town who frequently burn their electronic devices due to the non-ionizing radiation emitted by the antennas around them.

Dr. Stokes measured 170 W/m² at the entrance of the town hall, a highly toxic measure for living beings.

More details are in the video prepared by Orwell City.


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Link: Rumble

Dr. Wilfredo Stokes: Well, today is March 16 of the year of death. This antenna here is close to the houses. A lady was telling me that they have four burned TV sets in her house. This is another type of antenna. And it's harmful too. The antenna over there has to do with this one. Here I'm moving a little bit. And there's that antenna, which is huge too. 

There you can see how they're placed on private property so that nobody can touch them. All of these emit. This one here faces the municipality. Right in front of the municipality, the meter shows 170 W/m²

In other words, there's a network here. And there are places where there's no radiation. But it's a lot. The whole population ends up being exposed because they're on the roads most people walk. 

March 16. It's 15:16. Here we continue to see the same antenna that has burned all the televisions in the houses that are around. Yesterday, we measured the emissions from the one back there, at the Health Center. This damned antenna is the one at the Health Center. And this is the other one we were looking at over there. You can see how close they are. In the background, you can see the sea. 

The people who live around these antennas should get together and denounce this. Many have had their devices burned. What I'm saying is... It's one thing for devices to burn, it's another for people to be harmed. 

They protested, but their complaint didn't prosper. These antennas have to be removed. 

It needs to be understood... I mean, we continue. It's March 16. Year of the death. These things are closely related to what I'm saying. This is the antenna of the Health Center. You can see there the elongated panels. 

This is for people to understand what an antenna does. These can be 3G, 4G, 4G Plus. They don't need to be 5G. The radiation they emit is just toxic. Extremely toxic. In the back, on one side, is the Health Center. And here, on this site near the corner, is the children's school.

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