Dr. Eduardo Yahbes on microtechnology and DARPA hydrogel

February 14, 2022

Dr. Eduardo Yahbes, physician and researcher, talked this weekend for the COMUSAV about the microtechnology found in the COVID vaccines and the DARPA hydrogel.

As his colleague Dr. José Luis Gettor said days ago, DARPA hydrogel is found in PCR tests swabs, and it's a weapon

More details on this important topic on the following video that Orwell City brings to English today.

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Dr. Eduardo Yahbes: Ricardo Delgado from La Quinta Columna and, lately, Matt Shelton in New Zealand found nanotechnological components in these inoculums. Nano-routers that, probably, are the ones that generate the MAC codes that can be evidenced by Bluetooth. Also, nano- and plasmonic antennas that amplify signals. Graphene oxide, which is necessary to assemble them. And it has, as we know, due to its magnetization when incorporated into the organism, an affinity for the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, which are eminently electromagnetic. And it can develop, by itself, COVID pictures. It interacts by resonance with 5G waves. In other words, graphene has a resonance similar to that of human thought and to 5G waves, above all. 

Here you can see other electron microscopies where graphene particles can be seen in a Pfizer inoculum. 

Here you have the Hydra vulgaris that I was telling you about. It's unclear what it is, though. It was discovered by Dr. Carrie Madej. And here, there are also other forms that graphene adopts, such as tubules. Photo by Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano. 

Another of the findings was graphene microbubbles that function as microfluidic biochips. And, of course, they react to sharp electromagnetic waves, which can be 4G, 4G Plus, and, of course, 5G as well. 

Here you have the bands developed in the study carried out by Professor Campra Madrid, who also participated with us in the study of the harmful effects produced by these inoculums. We made a publication in three languages with all the findings we found concerning the inoculation of these medicinal substances. 

Look at what graphene can cause apart from magnetism. It generates thrombi, of course. Stroke as a consequence of thrombus or embolism. Heart attacks. Nervous system disorders, including neurodegeneration. Immune system collapse. Cytokine storm. Remember that the COVID picture is a multisystemic inflammatory picture and bilateral pneumonia. In other words, what we see here is what's commonly known as COVID. 

What you see here is a crystallization that occurs, after 24 hours, in swabs that are used for PCR testing.

As you can see, these swabs aren't harmless. And apart from having metallic nanoparticles, a fact that was denounced by Dr. Antonieta Gatti in the Italian Parliament, they contain inside the hollow fibers (which can be of nylon), DARPA hydrogel

What you see here is the crystallization of the DARPA hydrogel. As icing on the cake, it contains lithium. And as we know, lithium inhibits, diminishes, or can even annul the pineal gland, which is the one that allows us to connect with another look beyond what we apparently see. And that allows us to connect, also, with other levels of consciousness. So, you can deduce the intention behind all this.

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