Dr. Viviane Brunet on the side-effects of the COVID vaccines in pregnant women

February 08, 2022

Dr. Viviane Brunet, gynecologist and researcher, has once again warned about the dangers of the misnamed COVID vaccines. 

This time, in addition to mentioning the black-eyed babies inoculated couples are having, she addressed the complications generated by these inoculums when administered to pregnant women. These complications range from low birth weight babies to miscarriages and deaths of pregnant women. 

In the following video that Orwell City brings today, Dr. Brunet explains why these problems occur.

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Dr. Viviane Brunet: These are inoculations. We cannot call them vaccines. Inoculating this poison before conception... That's to say, before the union of ovum and spermatozoon. In couples, when both individuals are already vaccinated and decide to procreate, we have been seeing babies born with characteristics totally different from normal human beings. It's called transhumanism. 

And we all have videos of babies that have been born in these circumstances where we see that their genome changed. 

Why? Because the inoculum is mutagenic. It produces mutations in your genome system. The genome is the complete sequence of the deoxyribonucleic acid, which is your genes. So, they changed genes. 

And what are we seeing? Children born without conjunctiva. That's the white part of the eye. Two hours after birth, they're already holding their head. Two weeks after birth, they're already standing up. At two months, they're walking. All this is totally abnormal. This is in the case of having been inoculated before conception. 

When inoculated during pregnancy, we have seen 6000% more abortions. 

Why? Because clots are produced. This poison produces clots within the circulatory system. The placenta and the umbilical cord are eminently vascular organs. So, if clots are produced, the flow of maternal blood that nourishes through the placenta and passes through the umbilical cord to the baby can coagulate. 

Those little roots —let's call them like that— of the placenta, and that forms together with and inside the uterus in what's called decidua. At that point, it's no longer endometrium. It's decidua. That's to say, it just changes its name. But if there are clots there, the amount of blood that reaches the baby obviously decreases. And then we have babies that die. The great majority of them. 

Others are born hypertrophic. That is, with very low birth weight, depending on their gestational age. We have babies of 39 to 40 weeks, at the end of pregnancy, who are born with a kilo and a half of weight. There's a decrease in amniotic fluid, which is the environment that protects the baby from changes, temperature, shocks, and so on. There's a decrease. And a fetus with oligohydramnios can't survive. That's to say, it can't survive with a low amount of amniotic fluid inside the abdomen of the maternal uterus. We have deaths of the pregnant patients. And, obviously, with the death of the patient, there'll be the death of the product of conception as well. 

So, I'm totally against the inoculation of these misnamed vaccines in the whole population. But especially in pregnant patients and in children.

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