New Pfizer vaccine images: Self-assembling microstructures

February 01, 2022

La Quinta Columna continues to share new images of new Pfizer vials they have obtained. 

This time, the team of Spanish researchers has focused on microstructures that self-assemble inside the body to form microcircuits.

More details are in the following video that Orwell City brings today.

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Text: New Pfizer vaccine images. Haxon Aquiles II microscope.

Ricardo Delgado: There, inside the drop, which is the light white part, you see what looks like a little piece of you-know-what. See? Here the moving objects start to appear. You are appreciating a lateral view of the object. But you're going to see it later, when it turns around... As it turns around... Let's say that that's a lateral view. Here's an elongated piece. There you can see... Notice that it always has a little dot that's dragging it, you know? 

There you can see it in the dark field. 

That purplish glow that you have seen is because... Look how clear it is. It's because of the stimulus with ultraviolet radiation. I've noticed that the more UV photons that come in, the faster everything self-assembles

That doesn't look very clear. Well. As the video progresses a little bit, you'll see it. There's a little square here. As the video progress, more and more complex structures appear. In fact, you're going to see a self-assembling in real-time. Very impressive. These images aren't as relevant as the ones you're going to see later.

There in the middle, can you see that brigthness? That material actually looks two-dimensional. What happens is that it's in profile. When it rotates, it's going to show a quadrangular structure. If it isn't in that video, you will see it later. The thing is that I have recorded them all. 

Look, there's a little square. This same sample I'm going to leave it there, like all the others that I have well saved and guarded so that it'll evaporate completely. And then it'll show circuitry, tracks... I've taken this image because here are these famous little worms. Those filaments are in the middle there. There it goes again. It looks clear there. 

Here I'm hitting it with the UV flashlight. 

There's a German guy who has done a test of mixing uncontaminated human blood with a droplet of Pfizer vaccine. And you can also see how the blood is altered. It starts clotting. Over there, in the middle, there's another little square, a little more translucent. When you put it in profile, something similar to a filament appears. Yes. You can see it again. 

Well, it gets more interesting here. Look at that plate. It's quite clear. And I'm getting more and more magnification too. That looks like an iPhone right there. This is crazy. That's clearly a micro-technological structure. No doubt about it. Besides, it has an appendix. 

Others are much clearer. Unbelievable. 

Dr. Sevillano: These are the famous secret nanoparticles. 

Ricardo Delgado: It's a frame. It's clearly a frame. Remember that under an optical microscope you shouldn't be able to see anything at all. Look at this one. Let's see if it flips. I think it will. Right there. A little bit. But you can see that it has relief. See? Yes, you can see it. There it is. 

Dr. Sevillano: It's one of these nanosheets... Microsheets, because you see it under the microscope. 

Ricardo Delgado: Here we see a magnification of 400x. Then we go to 1200x, and a lot more will be seen. That's what it takes for all that to work later on. Here, notice, there are two structures. One of them looks like a tooth. And look at the one on the left. Look how they're joining together. Look at what they do. What you're going to see now is live self-assembly. Those that we have found so many times in the scientific literature. And about how they assemble. In fact, the one on the right already has a piece down here that has already joined. 

There. Have you seen the joint? The joint is perfectly interlocked, and then they are put back together again. It's normal for all that to be in the vaccine, isn't it? 

Dr. Sevillano: "It's scientifically proven." "It's safe." 

Ricardo Delgado: There you see another self-assembly done. I sometimes think that, apart from the coagulating phenomenon that graphene may have... Look. That aside, thrombi must be generated from this type of structure in blood vessels. Just because of the size they have. 

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. It's a foreign body. That has to add platelets and everything else it catches. Sure, for sure. 

Ricardo Delgado: Of course. Take a look. There's another one that has joined. As the sample evolves, more self-assemblies appear. We're looking at the Pfizer vaccine under the microscope. Here's a filament. Here's another filament. There's another one.

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